Tenth Generation

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (512)  Robert CARTER
Born about 1697 in Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. Robert married Elizabeth COOKE. He was buried 1 November 1736 in Swanbourne. Robert was a Yeoman. [Parents]
  (513)  Elizabeth COOKE
Elizabeth was christened on 25 April 1697 in Water Eaton, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England. [Parents]

  (514)  Michael SIMMONDS.

  (516)  John HORNE
John was baptised 26 December 1701 at Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England.

  (526)  Henry WILMIN
Henry married Sarah DALL on 24 Dec 1752 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England.
  (527)  Sarah DALL
Sarah died 1776

  (552)  John PAGDIN
Henry married Dorothy.
  (553)  Dorothy (?)

  (610)  Samuel NEWTH
Samual was baptised 27 May 1718 at Dursley, Gloucestershire, England. He married Martha ORCHARD 22 October 1749 at Dursley. [Parents]
  (611)  Martha ORCHARD
Martha was baptised 11 February 1720 at Dursley, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]

  (612)  Daniel PHILLEMORE
Christened 14 August 1715 in Dursley, Gloucester, England. Daniel married Elizabeth SIVIER 14 September 1745 at St. James Church, Dursley. He died 8 May 1759 in Dursley. [Parents]
  (613)  Elizabeth SIVIER
Elizabeth was christened 6 December 1719 at Cam, Gloucester, England. She was buried 8 May 1759 St. James Church, Dursley. [Parents]

  (642)  Robert HARRIS
Robert was born in Scotland. He was a Tailor by trade.

  (672)  Robert THOMPSON
Robert was born about 1717. He married Elizabeth BROWN in 1743.
  (673)  Elizabeth BROWN
Elizabeth was born about 1721. She was buried on 14 September 1765 at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Sunderland, County Durham, England.

[Ship builders of Sunderland]

  (674)  Benjamin WAINMAN
Benjamin was born about 1703 in Washington, County Durham, England. He married Lucy THOMPSON 29 May 1726 in Sunderland. [Parents]
  (675)  Lucy THOMPSON
Lucy was born about 1707 in Sunderland, County Durham, England.

[Ship builders of Sunderland]

  (760)  John MARTIN
John married Elizabeth (?).
  (761)  Elizabeth (?)

  (764)  Thomas TWELLS
Thomas was born about 1722 at Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, England. He married Sarah PERKIN 6 November 1747 at Castle Donnington.
  (765)  Sarah PERKIN
Sarah was born about 1826 Castle Donnington, Leicester, England.

  (768)  Claus PETERS
Claus married Maria PETERS.
  (769)  Maria PETERS.

  (770)  Lulf Peter Simon DETGENS
Lulf married Marie Margdelena JAHMAN.
  (771)  Marie Margdelena JAHMAN

  (772)  Johann Christian KAYSER
Johann was born 1710. He married Elisabeth MEYER about 1739 in Lübeck, Germany. Johann was a bricklayer in 1740 in Lübeck, Germany.
  (773)  Elisabeth MEYER
Elisabeth was born 1715

  (774)  Hans Jochim KALCKMANN
Hans was a master mason in 1757 in Lübeck, Germany.

  (784)  Ernst HALCHUUS
Ernst was born in 1679 in Langholt, Vejle, Denmark. and became a Oberstlieutant in the cavalry, and was owner of the estate Langholt in Aalborg, Denmark. He married Elizabeth FOG 1739 in Langholy, Vejle, Denmark. Ernst died 1743.
  (785)  Elisabeth FOG
Elisabeth was born 1716 and died aged 33 in 1749. [Parents]

  (786)  Jens de HOFFMAN
Jens was christened 29 April 1716 at Skerrildgaard, Nebsager, Vejle, Denmark. He married Ingeborg BJERRING in 1745 and was owner of the Kaas estate. Jens died 21 April 1785. [Parents]
  (787)  Ingeborg BJERRING
Ingeborg was christened 4 July 1727 in Fjends, Vroue, Denmark. She died 14 January 1766. [Parents]

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