Eleventh Generation

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (1024)  Robert CARTER
Robert was christened 30 July 1642 in Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. He married Joan DEVERELL. He was buried 18 July 1716 in Swanbourne. Robert was a Yeoman. [Parents]
  (1025)  Joan DEVERELL
Joan was born in 1662 at Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. She died about 1725 at Swanbourne. [Parents]

  (1026)  John COOKE
John was christened on 23 May 1669 in St. Mary's Church, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Elizabeth CURLE about 1695. John was a yeoman and farmer. He died about 1730 in Water Eaton. [Parents]
  (1027)  Elizabeth CURLE
Elizabeth was christened on 3 August 1677 in Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. She died about 1729 in Water Eaton, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England. She was buried on 19 September 1729 in St. Mary's Church, Bletchley. [Parents]

  (1220)  John NEUTH
John was born about 1690 in Dursley, Gloucestershire, England. He married Mary SMITH 5 February 1715 at Dursley. [Parents]
  (1221)  Mary SMITH
Mary was born about 1694 at Dursley, Gloucestershire, England.

  (1222)  Charles ORCHARD
  (1223)  Sarah (?)

  (1224)  William PHILLIMORE
William was christened 15 December 1690 in Dursley, Gloucester, England. He married Hannah BROOK 1 May 1715 at St. James Church, Dursley. William was buried 3 March 1749 at St. James Church. [Parents]
  (1225)  Hannah BROOKE
Hannah was buried 26 May 1749 in Dursley, England.


Photo: St James the Great, Parish Church, Dursley.
St James the Great, Parish Church, Dursley 

  (1226)  Richard SILVEY
Richard married Judith. He died 1755 at Cam, Gloucestershire, England. He was buried 25 May 1755.
  (1227)  Judith (?)
Judith died 1757 at Cam, Gloucestershire, England. She was buried 4 February 1757.

  (1346)  Robert BROWN

  (1348)  William WAINMAN
William married Jane TODD.
  (1349)  Jane TODD

  (1570)  Mathias FOG (or KRISTENSEN)
Mathias was born 8 May 1683 in Horsens, Skanderborg, Denmark and died 1716. He married Karen Marie HOFMAN 23 August 1709 in Gunderupgaard, Strandby, Aalborg, Denmark. Mathias was the owner of Jensgaard in Veile county, Denmark.
  (1571)  Karen Marie HOFMAN
Karen was born 1683 in Strandby, Gislum, Aalborg, Denmark and died aged 76 in 1759. Karen Marie HOFMAN is the older sister of Sören HOFMAN (see below ref: 1572) [Parents]

  (1572)  Sören HOFMAN (de HOFMAN)
Sören was born 1688. He married Karen Elisabeth DREYER 6 February 1712 in Horsens, Skanderborg, Denmark. Sören was Knighted 29 January 1749. He was Administrator of Justice (Justitsraad) and was the owner of Skjerrildgaard, in Denmark. He died 14 January 1771 and was buried in Horsens, Denmark. Sören HOFMAN is the younger brother of Karen Marie HOFMAN (see above ref: 1571) [Parents]
  (1573)  Karen Elisabeth DREYER
Karen was born 31 January 1689 in Bjaerge, Nebsager, Vejle, Denmark and died 27 March 1727 aged 38. [Parents]


Picture: Sören HOFMAN (de HOFFMAN)

  (1574)  Peder BIERRING
Peder was born about 1694/1700 in Horsens, Skanderborg, Denmark. He married Elisabeth Cathrine HOFGAARD about 1719/1725 in Horsens, Skanderborg, Denmark. Peder died 1739.
  (1575)  Elisabeth Cathrine HOFGAARD
Elisabeth was born about 1698/1707 in Horsens, Skanderborg, Denmark. She died 1731.

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