Fifteenth Generation

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (16388)  Thomas DEVERELL
was born about 1510 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. He married about 1545 in Buckinghamshire. Thomas died 20 July 1571 in Swanbourne. [Parents]

  (16400)  John DEVERELL
John was born in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. He died 1597 and was buried 14 May 1597 in Swanbourne. [Parents]

  (16432)  John CURLE
John was born about 1545 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Joan PAT 10 April 1570 in Swanbourne. John died about 1590 in Swanbourne. [Parents]
  (16433)  Joan PAT
Joan died about 1593 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England.

  (19584)  William PHINIMORE
was born in Cam, Gloucester, England about 1515-1522. He married Alice. William died 1 December 1590. [Parents]
  (19585)  Alice (?)
Alice died 1580.
  Extract from “The Genealogy of the Family Phillimore” published in 1922, by George Simpson & Co. of Devizes. {p.120}

"He hath offered his candle to the divell"

This [proverb] (now common) thus arose :-.Old Fillimore, of Cam, goinge in 1584 to p'sent Sr. Thos. Throgm. [Thockmorton], of Tortworth, with a sugar lofe, met by the way his neighbor, S. M., who demanded whither and upon what business hee was going, answered - to offer my candle to the divill ; which comminge to the ears of Sir Tho., At the next muster hee sent two of Fillimore's sonnes soldiers into the Lowe countries, where the one was slayne, and the other at a deere rate redeemed his returne.”

This evidently was the ill-fated expedition of 1585. when Sir Philip Sidney lost his life at the siege of Zutphen. The muster rolls of Gloucestershire for the period apparently are not extant for Cam and it is not possible to identify the two sons who suffered for their father's uncomplimentary speech about Sir Thomas Thockmorton.

  (25136)(25152)  Jacob (Jep) MOGENSEN
Jep was born in Simested, a county of Viborg, Denmark. He was a free farmer, and married four times but only had children in his first marriage in 1554 to Karen NIELSDATTER. William died in the Pest of 1585. [Parents]
  (25137)(25153)  Karen NIELSDATTER
Karen was from Rold, Denmark. [Parents]

  (25138)(25154)  Peder LASSON
Peder was Mayor of Randers, Denmark. He married Mette ANDERSDATTER about 1571 in Randers. Peder died in 1618. [Parents]
  (25139)(25155)  Mette ANDERSDATTER
Mette was born about 1550.

  (25142)(25158)  Povl NIELSEN
Povl was born 11 July 1551 in Randers, Denmark. He married Mrs. Povl NIELSEN about 1585 in Randers. Povl died 17 February 1618.
  (25143)(25159)  Mrs. Povl NIELSEN
Mrs NIELSEN was born about 1555 in Randers, Denmark.

  (25144)(25160)  Henrich DE HEMMER
Henrich was born about 1552 in Aalborg, Denmark. He married Maria HEDWIG.
  (25145)(25161)  Maria HEDWIG
Maria was born about 1556 in Aalborg, Denmark.

  (25146)(25162)  Jorgen OLUFSEN
Jorgen married Maren POP about 1589 in Aalborg, Denmark.
  (25147)(25163)  Maren POP
Maren was born in 1575 in Aalborg, Denmark. She died 26 February 1645.

  (25182)  Niels JACOBSEN
Niels was born 1554 in Randers, Denmark. He married Maria (Maren) Pedersdatter LASSON on 18 October 1596 in Semersted, Denmark. Niels was a Raadman and was Mayor of Randers 1619. He died 10 June 1624 after breaking a leg. [Parents]
  (25183)  Maria (Maren) Pedersdatter LASSON
Maren was born 1575 in Randers, Denmark. She died 22 February 1635 aged 60 years. [Parents]
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