Sixteenth Generation

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (32776)(32800)  John DEVERELL
John was born about 1480 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. He died in 1543 at Swanbourne.
  [Children - Thomas]

[Children - John]

  (32778)  James Byrd REYNOLDS
James was born 1490 in England.

  (32790)  (?) WHITING
He was born about 1520 in Buckinghamshire, England.

  (32792)  Robert WILLETT
Robert was born 1475 in Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Elizabeth (?) in Buckinghamshire, England. Robert died 1555 in Little Horwood. [Parents]
  (32793)  Elizabeth (?)
Elizabeth was born 1475 in Buckinghamshire, England. She died in 1555.

  (32876)  John BELGRAVE
John married Agnes WEEDON.
  (32877)  Agnes WEEDON

  (39168)  John FYNAMORE
John was born 1454 in Derby, Derbyshire, England. He married Alice TYNDALE about 1511. John died about 1530 in Cam, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]
  (39169)  Alice TYNDALE
The Phillimore family acquired Corriett's Mill through this marriage. Alice acquired it through her first husband, John TYNDALE, who was related to William TYNDALL alias HUCHYNS, the famous Martyr. Alice died about 1535 at which time the mill descended to Richard TYNDALE, her son from her first marriage.

  (47488)  Thomas KINGSNORTH
Thomas was born 1512 in Bethersden, Kent, England. He married July Anne (?) in Kent. Thomas died 1557 in Bethersden. [Parents]
  (47489)  July Anne (?)
July was born 1511 in Kent, England. She died 1549 in Kent.

  (47812)  Robert HOVENDEN
Robert was born 1495 in Cranbrook, Kent. England. He married Anne SHARPE. Robert died 17 September 1557 in Cranbrook.
  (47813)  Anne SHARPE
Anne was born 1495 in Kent, England. She died 14 March 1586 in Cranbrook, Kent. England.

  (47814)  Richard SHEAFFE
Richard was born 9 September 1505 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. He married Elizabeth ANDREWS 1530 in Cranbrook. Richard died 15 October 1557 in Cranbrook. [Parents]
  (47815)  Elizabeth ANDREWS
Elizabeth was born 1512 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. She died 12 October 1564 in Cranbrook. [Parents]

  (50272)(50304)  Mogens PEDERSEN
Mogens was born in Stinderup, Viborg, Denmark. He married Kirstine KIRSTENSDATTER. Mogens died 1573. [Parents]
  (50273)(50305)  Kirstine CHRISTENSDATTER
Kirstine was from Tostrup, Denmark. [Parents]

  (50274)(50306)  Niels VOGENSEN
Neils was born in Guldager, Denmark. He married Maren MORTENSDATTER.
  (50275)(50307)  Maren MORTENSDATTER
Maren was from Rold, Denmark.

  (50276)(50308)  Lars TOGERSEN
Lars married Maren NIELSDATTER. [Parents]
  (50277)(50309)  Maren NIELSDATTER

  (50284)  Niels POVLSON
Niels was born 1514 in Randers, Arhus, Denmark. He married Mette PERDERSDATTER 1550 in Randers. Niels died 18 June 1559 in Randers and was buried at St. Mortens Kirke, Randers. [Parents]
  (50285)  Mette REDERSDATTER
Mette was born 1509. She died 1555.

  (50296)  Hans BETSOEN
Hans was born 1510 in Ribe, Denmark. He married Anne Pallesdatter BANG 1539 in Ribe. Hans died 1586 in Ribe. [Parents]
  (50297)  Anne Pallesdatter BANG
Anne was born 1514. She died 1586. [Parents]

  (50300)  Reinholt SCHOU
Reinholt married Mads ANDERSON.

  (50362)  Mads ANDERSON
Mads was born 1502 in Denmark. He married Karen BAYSDATTER 1543. Mads died 1545.
  (50363)  Karen BAYSDATTER
Karen was born 1510 in Denmark. She died 1545.

  (50364)  Jacob MOGENSEN
Jacob was born 1515 in Simested, Viborg, Denmark. He was a free farmer, and married four times but only had children in his first marriage in 1554 to Karen NIELSDATTER. William died 1573 in Oudrup, Nordjylland, Denmark of the Pest. [Parents]
  (50365)  Karen NIELSDATTER
Karen was from Rold, Denmark. [Parents]

  (50366)  Peder LASSON
Peder was born about 1545. He was Mayor of Randers, Denmark. He married Mette ANDERSDATTER about 1574 in Randers. Peder died 25 May 1618. [Parents]
  (50367)  Mette ANDERSDATTER
Mette was born about 1549 in Randers, Arhus, Denmark.

  (50408)  Ludvig MUNTHE
Ludvig was born 1520 in Gent, OOst-Vlaanderen, Belgium. He married Elisabeth Johannesdatter PALUDAN about 1550 in Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Ludvig died 1580 in Lubeck. [Parents]
  (50409)  Elisabeth Johannesdatter PALUDAN
Elisabeth was born 1535 in Gent, OOst-Vlaanderen, Belgium. She died 1578 in Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. [Parents]

  (50410)  Arnoldus DE FINE
Arnoldus was born 1535 in Antwerpen, Belgium. He married Barbara Hieronymusdatter KNOFF before 1579. Arnoldus died 23 November 1586.
  (50411)  Barbara Hieronymusdatter KNOFF
Barbara was born 1555 in Friedland, Gottingen, Niedersachsen, Germany. She died 1 November 1609 in Arhus, Denmark. [Parents]

  (50412)  Launge STEFFENSEN
Launge was born 1504 in Ribe, Denmark. He married Mette KRISTENSEN 1544 in Ribe. Launge died 1 October 1554 in Ribe. [Parents]
  (50413)  Mette KRISTENSEN
Mette was born 1508 in Varde, Ribe, Denmark. She died 1554 in Ribe. [Parents]

  (50414)  Hans SVANING
Hans was born 1 January 1503 in Faborg, Fyn, Denmark. He was a State-historian and was appointed Dean of the Dome of Ribe 1552. He married Marine Sorensdatter STAGE 30 September 1554 in Ribe, Denmark. Hans died 20 September 1584 in Esbjerg, Ribe, Denmark. [Parents]
  (50415)  Marine Sorensdatter STAGE
Marine was born 1539 in Esbjerg, Ribe, Denmark. She died 4 July 1615 in Esbjerg. [Parents]
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