Seventeenth Generation

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (65600)  John DEVERELL
John was born about 1480 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. He died in 1543 at Swanbourne.

  (65728)  John CURLE

  (78336)  William FYNIMORE
William was born in Dursley, Gloucester, England. He married Isabell. William died about 1491 in Dursley, St James.
  (78337)  Isabell (?)
Isabel died 1508 and was buried at St. James Church, Dursley.
  "Isabell Fynnymore, of Durseley, wedowe, whole and sounde of minde; to be buried in the church of St. Jamys thapostell of Dursley; to the mother church of Worcetr 6d . To the high cross light 8d. ; to St Anthony's light, 8d to St Katheryn's light, 8d ; to the high altar for tithes forgotten 3s 4d. Item, I will and ordain {p.106} an honest well disposed priest to minister for the wealth of my soul and William Fyynymore, sometime my husband, the space of 12 months. To Richard Fynnymore, my son, 20 or the value of 20; To William Fynnymore, son of the said Richard, a pair of tuckers scheres. To Margery daughter of the said Richard a pair of coral bedys, a bason, a laver, a candlestik, four platters, four sawcers also iiij potingers; To Thomas Fynnymore my son 20 or the value of 20; To Henry Fynnymore son of the said Thomas, a crocke; To John Fynnymore my son, all my estate and term I have in a wood lying near Dursley, called Monkywood, if the said John decease within the said term then to Thomas and John sons of John the elder. Residuary legatee and executor, my son John.

Witnesses, Edward Davys, chaplain; Thomas Carver; Thomas Fox, Ric. Sprott, William Hobbis. Dated 22 March 1508. Proved at Lamehithe, 9 Feb 1508-9, by John Long proctor. Administration granted to John Fynnymore - PCC 11 Bennett."

  (100544)(100608)  Peder OGGESSEN
Peder was born in Torup, Denmark. He was a Free Farmer and married Gertrud PEDERSDATTER.
  (100545)(100609)  Gertrud PEDERSDATTER
Gertrud was born in Ougested, Denmark.

  (100546)(100610)  Christen PEDERSEN
Christen married Anna IBSDATTER at Fielsoe, Denmark.
  (100547)(100611)  Anna IBSDATTER

  (100728)  Mogens PEDERSEN
Mogens was born in Stinderup, Viborg, Denmark. He married Kirstine KIRSTENSDATTER. [Parents]
  (100729)  Kirstine CHRISTENSDATTER
Kirstine was from Tostrup, Denmark. [Parents]

  (100730)  Niels VOGENSEN
Neils was born in Guldager, Denmark. He married Maren MORTENSDATTER.
  (100731)  Maren MORTENSDATTER
Maren was from Rold, Denmark.

  (100732)  Lars TOGERSEN
Lars married Maren NIELSDATTER.
  (100733)  Maren NIELSDATTER

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