1925/26 Chevrolet Sedan

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Are you able to provide details as to the type of car that my grandfather, Robert CARTER, owned?
Pictured at: pafn03.html
  • According to my memory and my book of Antique Cars your grandfathers car was a 1925 Chevrolet Superior Coach which sold in the USA for $650 and 519,229 were sold. Hope this is of some help.

    Regards Colin Patterson
  • To add some further detail I have included a list of symbols used on the number plates that will show the year the photo was taken.

    "As well each year between 1925 had a separate symbol placed either in the centre (1925-1931); at the bottom 1932-1945; and then centred 1946-50; bottom 1951-1965. The symbol was in :- 1925 Square, 1926 Hyphen, 1927 Star, 1928 Diamond, 1929 Large Dot, 1930 Colon, 1931 Triangle, 1932 Hyphen, 1933 Star, 1934 Diamond, 1935 Comma, 1936 Inverted Triangle, 1937 Escutcheon, 1938 Maltese Cross, 1939 Pentagon, 1940 Triangle, 1941-45 Diamond, 1946-50 Hyphen, 1951-56 Comma, 1957-60 Star, 1961-65 Dot, 1966 ---- Nil."

    Hence it looks like a hyphen at the bottom and would most likely be 1932, when the photo was taken and not the year of the car. I also have a list of the colours but suspect that as it is in black and white this is of no use. You state on photo that it is 1946 but the mark is at the bottom of plate so a minor mystery occurs?

    Regards Bruce, Upper Hutt.
  • Judging by the position of the cowl lamps and the fact it has solid wheels, not spoked like later models, I would say you have a photo of a 1925-26 Chev Tudor Sedan.

    Regards Graeme Ardern, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

    Monday, April 19, 2004

    Graeme, I found a couple more photos in my father's photo album. Can you please scan the photos with your trained eye and tell me if you think all 3 photos are in fact the same car.

  • Hi Russell,

    Just had a quick look and no, I don't think they are the same cars. The top one is a Fordor (four door sedan) Note, it has more rounded fronts on the front guards than the the '25 Chev tudor at the bottom. It also has a plated radiator as opposed to the painted one on the '25 Chev.

    It's a bit difficult to really be sure considering that the photo is aged but I had thought it was a 1926 Chev Town Sedan (Fordor Sedan) and think the centre photo might be the front view of it, as it has a later type headlight bar, curved at the ends, but straight in the centre, compared to the straighter 1925 and earlier type Chev bar. The only thing that casts a bit of doubt about the two top photos is that I can't make out if there is a front bumper on the car in the top photo, or not, and it is unusual to still see solid rims on the later model car, although I think this might also have been the change over year from solid rims to wooden spoked rims for Chev.

    Is it possible your grandfather owned two Chevs? Maybe he liked the first one so much that he got another to replace it or because of an increasing family, he thought a four door sedan more practible.

    Regards, Graeme