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CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  Carter Family Photo abt. 1942 The Carter family about 1942
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  (8)  Robert CARTER
Born 23 May 1885 in Maryborough, Australia. Robert married Eva May MacVICAR 13 July 1910 in Onehunga, New Zealand. He died 6 September 1948 at 50 Princes Street, Onehunga and was buried 8 September 1948 at Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga. Robert was a Plumber. [Parents]
  (9)  Eva May MacVICAR
Born 12 July 1889 in Onehunga, New Zealand and baptised 11 August 1889 at St. Peters Church, Onehunga. She died 15 November 1977 at 28 Orakau Avenue, Epsom, Auckland, and was buried 18 November 1977 at Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga. [Parents]




Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga: Robert & Eva May Carter, also Robert & Marion (Children).
Grave of Robert & Eva May CARTER, also Robert & Marion

(10)  Robert Fergusson STRONG
Born 5 February 1889 at 68 Lucons Road, South Hornsey, England. Robert married Eva Gladys STEVENS 30 January 1923 in Nice, France. At the time they lived at Villa Milena, St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France. They emigrated to New Zealand in 1924, disembarking "RMS Remuera" at Wellington. Robert died 28 September 1967 at 12 Valley Road, Mt Eden, New Zealand. [Parents]
  (11)  Eva Gladys STEVENS
Born 24 December 1901 at 1 Princess Road, Croydon, England. She died 27 July 1992 at Horowhenua Hospital, New Zealand. (I.O.O.F Lodge No. 204201). [Parents]

[RMS Remuera]

[Robert Fergusson Strong's Diary]

[Julianne's Interview: Eva G. Strong]

[Julianne's Interview: The Sisters]


[Royal Victorian Medal]


The Stevens Family
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  (12)  Heinrich Emil Julius (Karl-Heinz) PETERS
Born 5 February 1906 in Hamburg, Germany, and baptised 8 July 1906 at the Groß-Flottbek Church, Hamburg. Karl-Heinz married Helene LÜDEMANN. They lived at Schäferkamp 3, Hamburg-Blankenese (June 1940) and Söbendieken 3, Hamburg-Nienstedten (1942). Karl-Heinz died (in action) 26 September 1942 in U.S.S.R. A memorial was erected at Hamburg-Pinneberg, Germany. [Parents]
  Heinrich Peters   Click on photo to see the reverse inscription
Iron Cross E.K.II Second World War   Iron Cross E.K.II Second World War
(13)  Helene (Lenchen) LÜDEMANN
Born 16 September 1908 in Herwig, Hamburg-Groß Flottbek. She died 8 October 1981 in Hamburg-Pinneberg. Helene was buried 12 October 1981 in Hamburg-Pinneberg. [Parents]

  (14)  Johannes (Hanns) BEHRENDS
Born 25 January 1896. Hanns married Gertrud JÄGER 21 October 1928 in Bremerhafen, Germany. He died 26 August 1965 and was buried at Westerland-Sylt, Germany. Hanns was a Lawyer. [Parents]
Hanns Behrends - Notar
  (15)  Gertrud JÄGER
Born 8 December 1908 in Bremerhafen, Germany. She died 3 May 1987 and was buried at Westerland-Sylt, Germany. [Parents]

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