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58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot -     Arrivals   and   Departures   1840 - 1850 (Australia)
Scan of a 58th Regt. button that was found in Key Largo, Florida, by a metal detector. Found by John Gorto - Thanks John for the imageSee also: 58th Foot Soldiers Index
  • The Regiment was first raised in 1740 as the 58th Regiment of Foot, and later renumbered as the 47th, then changed in 1756 to the 58th again. From 1757 until 1782 it was known as the 58th Regiment of Foot. In 1782 it was granted the county title of Rutlandshire which it held until 1881 when it became the 2nd Battalion of the Northhamptonshire Regiment. It now forms a part of the Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • Nicknames: 'The Steel Backs' (from their lack of concern about floggings) and 'The Black Cuffs' (from the black facings of the 58th.)
  • Badges: The battle honours 'Gilralter', 'Egypt', 'Vittoria' and 'Maida'.
  • Service in New Zealand: The main part of the Regiment arrived Auckland in April, 1845, and took part in the fighting at Okaihau, Ohaeawai, Ruapekapeka, Boulcott's Farm, Horokiri, and St. John's Wood. The 58th left New Zealand in November, 1858. Over 300 officers and men elected to settle permanently in New Zealand. The regimental colours now rest in the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
  • Service in Australia: The regiment arrived in Sydney by detachments during 1844 and 1845. In April, 1845, the 58th began moving to New Zealand. Most of the regiment returned for a period of garrison duty in 1846.
  • Commanding Officers: Lieut. Colonel E. B. Wynyard, Lieut. Colonel R. H. Wynyard.
  • Facings: Black (Lace: Gold)
  • Shoulder Belt Plates: The early oblong plate bore the numerals '58' within an oval Garter which was crowned and inscribed 'Egypt', 'Vittoria' and 'Maida'. The later plates were decorated with the Roman numerals 'LVIII' within two circular scrolls inscribed with five Peninsular war battle honours and 'Gibralter'. This was surrounded by a wreath of laurels and mounted on an eight pointed star. A Sphinx inscribed 'Egypt' was at the base of the star.
  • Buttons: The pewter buttons worn by other ranks were decorated with the numerals '58' within a circle with a border of dots. The circle was inscribed 'Gibralter', 'Egypt' and 'Maida'. The tunic buttons issued in 1855 had two types of numeral, one large and one small.
  •   Rutlandshire Regt. Button
  • Arrivals (to Australia):
  • ArrivedShipOfficersRegt. or HQ staffOther ranksWomanChildrenConvict Ship
    04 Nov   1843Ratcliffe1     
    14 DecOrator2 50810Yes
    22 Jan    1844Maitland2 715Yes
    24 JanDuke of Richmond2 5464Yes
    17 FebHMS Anson31 (a)501010Yes
    05 AprMarion2 3531Yes
    2 MayEquestrian  3545Yes
    30 JunBlundell1 3464Yes
    09 JulLondon1 3433Yes
    12 SepBarossa  3532Yes
    28 SepPestonjee Bomanjee51 (b)1581819 
    20 NovWilliam Jardine2 51710Yes
    21 NovEmily 25163Yes
    25 NovAgincourt2 49817Yes
    05 DecLord Auckland 250713Yes
    03 Jan    1845Sir Robert Peel2 4386Yes
    27 FebSir George Seymour1 3056Yes
    06 MarHydrabad  3699Yes
    13 JunAnn41 (c)1962941 
    29 JunElizabeth and Henry  2534Yes
    20 SepDavid Malcolm 1123Yes
    05 DecRamilies  13   
    21 Dec    1846Sir Robert Peel  21   
    -- Mar    1847Pestonjee Bomanjee1 225Yes
    24 MarTory1 1  Yes
    04 MayThomas Arbuthnot  1  Yes
    10 Jan    1848Marion1    Yes
    08 FebClifton1     
    10 JunAnna Maria  18  Yes
    26 NovRatcliffe  112Yes
    10 Jan    1849Pestonjee Bomanjee  32  Yes
    05 FebBlenheim2 3011Yes
    11 JunHashemy1    Yes
    20 AugRandolph  16  Yes
    28 AugHyderabad1 16  Yes
    22 SepEsperanza1     
    05 OctMount Stuart Elphinstone  2621Yes
    10 NovHavering  111 Yes
    01 DecAdelaide  19  Yes
    22 Mar    1850Clara1     
    10 JunUndaunted  (d)  71  
  • Notes:
    (a) Includes Captain Cockcroft
    (b) Includes Major Bridge
    (c) Includes CO - Lt. Col. Wynyard
    (d) See ship departures: returned to port 'the veffel having sprung a leak'.
  • Departures (from Australia):
  • ArrivedShipOfficersRegt. or HQ staffOther ranksWomanChildrenDestination
    16 Mar  1847Tasmania1 2736UK
    07 AugPrincess Royal  1  UK
    07 Feb  1848Hamlet1 10  UK
    31 JulHMS Calliope  3358UK
    16 Jul    1849Midlothian1 1  UK
    11 Feb  1850Mount Stuart Elphinstone1 1  UK
    28 MayUndaunted  71 UK
    23 JulClara2 1532UK
    25 OctFairy Queen3 32713UK
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  • Other Reading:

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