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CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  Peter and Ann Carter and Family An early photo of
Peter and Ann CARTER
and Family
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  (16)  Peter CARTER
Peter was born on Christmas Day, 25 December 1854, at Gorton Lane, Openshaw, England. He married Ann COPLEY 17 January 1875 in Stockport, England. On 27 October 1883 Peter and Ann, with 4 children, sailed on the 'Earl Derby' from Plymouth, England arriving at Maryborough, Australia, 22 January 1884. In April 1891 their home on Saltwater Creek Road, Maryborough, accidentally burnt down. In 1916 after 32 years living in Queensland, they moved permanently to Auckland, New Zealand. Peter was a builder. In January 1917 (at the time when their youngest son, Bertram, joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force) they were living at 10 George Street, Newmarket. At the time of Peter's death 30 November 1923 he lived at 141 Newton Road, Auckland. Peter was buried 1 December 1923 at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland. [Parents]
  (17)  Ann COPLEY
Born 28 June 1856 in Hope Place, Gorton-Ardwick, England and was baptised 12 April 1857 in Gorton, Lancashire, England. Ann died 6 May 1932 aged 76. At the time of her death she lived at 63 Taylors Road, Avondale. Ann was buried at Waikumete Cemetery on 7 May 1932. [Parents]

[COPLEY'S of England]

[Maryborough House Fire 1891]


["Earl Derby" Passenger List]

Left photo: Ann Carter with a loyal companion.

Right photo: "In Loving Memory of Peter Carter died 30 th November 1923 aged 68 years. Also his beloved wife Ann died 6 th May 1932 aged 76 years."

Looking on is Maximilian James Carter, 2nd great grandson, aged 6 years.
Ann (Hannah) CARTER, formerly COPLEY Peter and Ann Carter, Waikumete Cemetery, Row 7, plot 47, Non-comformist Block C (looking on is Maximilian James Carter) 15 August 2004

Mcvicars dragged
  (18)  Archibald MacVICAR
Born 14 Nov 1860 in Auckland, New Zealand. He married Harriet WOODWARD 17 May 1881. Archibald worked for many years as a slaughterman/butcher, employed at Neilson's butchery in Neilson Street, Onehunga. After his wife died - during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, and then, after suffering a cart accident the same year, he became a farmer and was living in Angle Steet and at 31 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga where he sold Spanish onion seeds. Archibald died 6 July 1940 at Auckland Infirmary [The Auckland Infirmary became a general hospital in 1942 and was named Green Lane Hospital]. [Parents]
  (19)  Harriet WOODWARD
Born 2 November 1863 at Onehunga, New Zealand. She died 14 November 1918 of influenza in Auckland. Harriet was buried 15 November 1918 in Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga. [Parents]


[Black November: 1918 Influenza Epidemic]


[1882 Inquest into Death of Son]

[1882 Chlorodyne Memoranda]


Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga:
Harriett & Archibald MacVICAR, and Robert CARTER [grandson]

"Clasped hands on a headstone symbolise a union of friendship and love continuing on after death".
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  (20)  Robert Fergusson STRONG
Robert was baptised 27 April 1851 in Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England. In 1871, aged 20, Robert was working as a timber merchant's clerk (his father was a timber merchant). Robert later became a civil-engineer/surveyor. At the time of the 1871 Census Return Robert was living with his parents at 5 Alexander Terrace, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England. He married (1) Mary Ann THOMPSON on 10 December 1873 at the Bedes Parish Church, Durham. By 1881 they were living at 8 Ipplepeen Rd, Tottenham, Middlesex, England. In February 1889 they were living at 68 Lucons Road, South Hornsey. Robert and Mary are said to have divorced (?) about 1893. The 1901 census records Robert Fergusson STRONG as a widower. In 1901 he was a boarder at 1 Vincent Square, London, together with his son Robert F. STRONG. He married (2) Amelia Eliza ANSTEAD on 16 June 1915 at a Civil ceremony in London. On 13 November 1919 Robert was pronounced bankrupt by the High Court of Justice. He was living at 69 Ranelagh Road, Pimlico, and at his business address, 109 Victoria Street, Westminster. In 1923 he was living together with his wife, Amelia, at Hogarth Buildings, Millbank Estate, London, until his death in 1931.  [Parents]
  (21)  Mary Ann THOMPSON
Mary Ann was born on 19 May 1851 in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, ENGLAND. She died 1930.  [Parents]


[Alleged Desertion by a Local Gentleman]

Photo: Robert Fergusson STRONG with his son, Robert Fergusson STRONG (Jnr.)
 Robert Fergusson Strong with his son, Robert Fergusson Strong      Inventor
Name Relation   Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 Robert F STRONG   Head   M   Male   30   Sunderland, Durham   Surveyor 
 Mary Ann STRONG   Wife   M   Female   29   Sunderland, Durham    
 John G. STRONG   Son   U   Male   6   Sunderland, Durham   Scholar 
 Amy STRONG   Daughter   U   Female   3   Sunderland, Durham    
 Stanley STRONG   Son      Male   2 m   Tottenham, Middlesex    
  Source Information: 1881 Census Return
Dwelling: No 8 Ipplepeen Rd
Census Place: Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Name Relation   Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 Mary A. STRONG   Head   M   Female   39   Sunderland, Durham   Own means 
 Amy STRONG   Daughter   U   Female   13   Tottenham, London    
 Stanley STRONG   Son   U   Male   11   Tottenham, London    
 Harriet STRONG   Daughter   U   Female   9   Tottenham, London    
 Agnes STRONG   Daughter   U   Female   7   Tottenham, London    
 Florence STRONG   Daughter   U   Female   5   Tottenham, London    
 Robert F. STRONG   Son   U   Male   2   Hornsey, London    
 Arabella FOWLER         Female   33   Sunderland, Durham   Servant 
  Source Information: 1891 Census Return
Dwelling: 4 Viewforth Terrace, Fulwell Village
Census Place: South Shields District, Durham, England

  The Stevens family
50th Anniversary Celebration
"By the way, the anniversay was two years out in 1948. I suppose it was because of the austerity straight after the war." - Vic Bennett
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  (22)  William Walter STEVENS
William was born 25 November 1873 at Battersea, London. He married Sara Jane WELLS on 4 April 1896 at Thornton Heath, Surrey, England. William died 20 October 1972 at Croyden. He was living at 1 Pawsons Road, Croydon, at the time of the 1901 Census and later lived at 174 Livingston Road, Thornton Heath. William was a foundation member of the Applegarth Club, a working man's club, at Thornton Heath in Surrey. William was a plumber.  [Parents]
  (23)  Sarah Jane WELLS
Sarah Jane was born 24 December 1874 at Gillingham, Kent, England. She died 21 October 1960 in Croydon, Surrey, England.  [Parents]


  (24)  Emil Georg Willy PETERS
Born 26 May 1880 in Hamburg, Germany. He married Anna Selma BIEGEMANN 27 September 1904. Willy was a School Principal. He died 9 Mar 1974 in Hamburg. [Parents]
 Nienstedten Kirche Seal

Nienstedten Kirche,
Hamburg - Flottbek
 Nienstedten Kirche  
  (25)  Anna Selma BIEGEMANN
Anna was born 14 August 1880 in Denmark. She died 26 Feb 1966 in Germany. [Parents]

  (26)  Otto Hermann LUDEMANN
Otto was born 13 Nov 1879. He married Maria Helene HERWIG on 26 Sep 1903 in Grossflottbek, Hamburg, Germany. Otto served in a Bavarian Regiment during the 1st World War - He fought at the Battles of the Somme, Arras, Artois, Flanders. Otto died 11 Oct 1956 in Germany. [Parents]
  (27)  Maria Helene HERWIG
Maria was born 21 Jan 1880 in Othmarschen, Hamburg, Germany. She died 11 Jul 1956 in Germany. [Parents]
  [Children] The Western Front

  (28)  Heinrich BEHRENDS
Heinrich was born about 1870 in Bremerhafen, Germany. He married Marie WARNECKE. Heinrich died (suicide) in 1914 in Bremerhafen, Germany.
  (29)  Marie WARNECKE
In 1867 Marie lived in Kropeln, Bad Doberan, Germany.

  (30)  Heinrich JÄGER
Heinrich was born in Bremerhafen, Germany. He married Johanna KALM. Heinrich was an architect.
  (31)  Johanna KALM
In 1964 Johanna lived at Logestr. 6, Bremerhaven, Germany.
Heinrich and Johanna Jaeger

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