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CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (32)  William Simmons CARTER
Christened 27 April 1827 at Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. William married Ellen Barlow 19 May 1850 at Manchester. William worked as a weaver. [Parents]
  (33)  Ellen BARLOW
Born about 1828 in Pilkington, Lancashire, England. [Parents]



Photo: Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Cathedral

  (34)  Thomas COPLEY
Born in Tickhill, England. Thomas was Christened 7 May 1824 in Tickhill. He married Mary COPLEY on 1 January 1848 at Manchester in England. Thomas was a blacksmith. [Parents]
  (35)  Mary COPLEY
Mary was born about 1825 in Manchester, England. In 1881 she worked as an upholsteress in Gorton, England. [Parents]


[COPLEY'S of England]

  (36)  Archibald MacVICAR
Archibald was born 21 March 1825 in Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland. He married Christina McKELLAR 2 November 1847 in Barony, Lanark. Archibald arrived Auckland, New Zealand 9 April 1855 on the "Drover" from Melbourne, Australia. Archibald was a trader/grocer and operated a store in Victoria Street, Auckland, about 1860. He died 8 March 1862 in Auckland, just 7 years after arriving in New Zealand. [Parents]
  (37)  Christina McKELLAR
Born about 1823. Christina and her daughter, Margaret, departed Gravesend, London 9th October 1856 arriving Auckland, New Zealand 12 February 1857 on the "Euphemus". She died a sad death on 8 December 1871 in West-Street, Newton, New Zealand. She was buried on 15 December 1871. [Parents]

["Drover" Passenger List]

["Euphemus" Passenger List]


[Inquest at Newton - 1871]

  (38)  Edmund WOODWARD
Born 18 April 1824 in Dursley, Gloucester, England. Edmund married Harriet BESWICK 24 February 1851 at St Peters Church, Onehunga, New Zealand. Edmund was a soldier in the 58th Regiment of Foot. He arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, on the Louisa in December 1845 from Norfolk Island, and was immediately detached to the Bay of Islands, to assist in the capture of the Maori fortress of Ruapekapeka. He died on 20 May 1904 in Newton Road, Auckland. [Parents]
  (39)  Harriet BESWICK
Born 23 January 1834 and baptised 20 February 1834 in Bellary, India. Harriet died 4 May 1896 at Onehunga, New Zealand. [Parents]


[58th Regiment of Foot]

[Storey Letter]


[Childs and the Mutiny]

Queen Street, Auckland - about 1889.

  (40)  George W. STRONG
George was born about 1821 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England. He married Agnes FERGUSSON 28 November 1843 at St. Mary's Church, in the Parish of Gateshead, Durham. He was a sawyer at the time of his marriage. In the 1871 Census it is recorded that George was a timber merchant working at Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England. George died about 1886 at Tottenham, Middlesex, England. [Parents]
  (41)  Agnes FERGUSSON
Agnes was born about 1815. She was 5-6 years older than her husband. [Parents]


Ellison Street, Gateshead.

St Mary's Church, Gateshead
Name Relation Condition Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 George STRONG   Head   M   Male   50   Carlisle   Timber Merchant 
 Agnes STRONG   Wife   M   Female   55   Scotland    
 George STRONG   Son   M   Male   22   Durham, Sunderland   House Builder 
 Robert F STRONG             Son   U   Male   20   Durham, Sunderland   Timber Merchants Clerk 
 Jane STRONG   Daughter            U   Female   17   Durham, Sunderland    
 Mary A STRONG   Daughter   U   Female   13   Durham, Sunderland   Scholar 
  Source Information: 1871 Census Return
Dwelling: 5 Alexander Terrace
Census Place: Bp Wearmouth, Sunderland, England
Name Relation Condition Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 George STRONG   Head   M   Male   61   Carlisle   Timber Merchant 
 Agnes STRONG   Wife   M   Female   66   Scotland    
 Jane PROUD   Daughter   M   Female   27   Bishopwearmouth    
 George W. PROUD   Grandson   U   Male   8   Bishopwearmouth    
 Margaret T. STRONG   Granddaughter   U   Female   10   Scotland    
 William B. AIREY      U   Male   30   Bishopwearmouth   Timber Merchant 
  Source Information: 1881 Census Return
Dwelling: Alexander Villa, Ipplepeen Rd
Census Place: Tottenham, Middlesex, England

  (42)  John THOMPSON
John was born 1 January 1826 at Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England. He married Harriet JOHNSON 6 February 1848 at Monkwearmonth. John was a ship builder. He died 4 January 1898 at West House, Fulwell, Durham. [Parents]
  (43)  Harriet JOHNSON
Harriet was born 1824 at Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, Durham, England. She died 30 October 1881 at Fulwell, Durham. [Parents]

  (44)  Walter STEVENS
Walter was born 6 Oct 1849 at Clapham, Surrey, England. At the time of the 1891 Census, Walter and Sophia and their four children lived at 130 Parchmore Road, Croydon, England. Walter was a coachman/groom. [Parents]
  (45)  Sophia
Sophia was born 1853 at Paddington, London, England.

  (46)  James WELLS
James was born 1835 at Rainham, Kent, England. He married Elizabeth Clements 13 July 1862 at Frindsbury Parish Church, Kent. At the time of the 1881 and 1891 Census's, James and Elizabeth, together with their children (and sister-in-law Mary A. Clements, born about 1841 in Derbyshire/Leicester) lived at 19 Gillett Road, Thornton Heath, London, England. James was a bricklayer/labourer. He died 7 February 1899 at Thornton Heath, Surrey, England. His burial was at Queens Road Cemetery. [Parents]
  (47)  Elizabeth CLEMENTS
Elizabeth was born 20 January 1844 at Derby, Derbyshire, England. She died 16 March 1922 at Croydon, Surrey, England and was buried at Queens Road Cemetery on 22 Mar 1922. [Parents]

  (48)  Wilhelm Emil PETERS
Born 19 October 1851 in Worpswede, Germany. Wilhelm married Jenny Margaretha HOFFMANN 10 February 1880 in Hamburg, Germany. He died 5 May 1882 in Hamburg. [Parents]
  (49)  Jenny Margaretha HOFFMANN
Born 15 June 1850 in Keitum on the Island of Sylt, Germany. She died 5 February 1892 in Hamburg, Germany. [Parents]


  (50)  Julius Heinrich BIEGEMANN
Julius married Anne Sophia H. ROHWEDDER.
  (51)  Anne Sophia H. ROHWEDDER [Parents]

  (52)  Joachim Hinrich LUDEMANN
Joachim was born 15 June 1848 at Schenefeld, a town in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He married Maria Louisa GUNTHER on 13 May 1870. Joachim died 4 June 1929.
  (53)  Maria Louisa GUNTHER
Maria was born 3rd May 1850.

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