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CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (64)  Newman CARTER
Born 29 June 1800 in Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. Newman married Susanna SIMMONS 29 January 1822 at Swanbourne. He may also have used the surname of THORN. Newman died about March 1865 in Manchester, England.[Parents]
  (65)  Susanna SIMMONS
Susanna was baptised 23 January 1803 in Swanbourne. [Parents]


Photo: Swanborne Church, Buckingham.

  (66)  Robert BARLOW
Born about 1802 in Pilkington, Radcliffe, Lancashire, England. Robert was a "dyer" and in 1881 lived at No. 8 Ivy Street, Gorton, Lancashire, England. He died at a date after 1881 in Gorton, Lancashire, England.

  (68)  Richard COPLEY
Richard was born about 1787. He married Fanny PAGDIN 26 January 1815 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. Richard was a joiner/carpenter. He died 15 April 1871 in Tickhill of senectus gangrene of the feet. [Parents]
  (69)  Fanny PAGDIN
Born in 1792. Fanny died 9 December 1870 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. Cause of death: 1. Bronchitis (8 days) 2. Apoplexy (24 hours). She was buried in the churchyard of Tickhill Parish Church on 11 December 1870 at 3.00pm. [Parents]

[COPLEY'S of England]

  (70)  John COPLEY
John was a pattern maker.

  (72)  Alexander McVICAR
Alexander was born about 1787 in Andno, Argyll, Scotland. He married Margaret McKELLAR 14 April 1812 at Lochgoilhead, Argyll, Scotland.
  (73)  Margaret McKELLAR
Margaret was born about 1791 in Stone, Argyll, Scotland. [Parents]

  (74)  Peter McKELLAR
Peter married Catherine SERVICE 13 November 1809 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.
  (75)  Catherine SERVICE

  (76)  Jacob WOODWARD
Christened 23 January 1794 at St. James, Dursley, Gloucester, England. Jacob married Harriet THURSTON 15 March 1818 in Dursley. Jacob was a weaver. [Parents]
  (77)  Harriet THURSTON
Harriet was Christened 18 February 1795 in Dursley, Gloucester, England. She died 16 October 1849 in Dursley. [Parents]

  (78)  Charles Jefferson BESWICK
Born 2 August 1802 in Stockport, Cheshire, England. Charles married Catherine McNEIL 27 July 1831 at St. Mary's Church, Madras, India. His second marriage was to Harriett ROWLAND on 1 August 1842 at Manchester Cathedral. Charles was a soldier in the 55th Regiment of Foot. After discharging to pension he enlisted into the Royal New Zealand Fencible Corp. Charles, with his family, sailed to New Zealand with the first detachment of Fencibles, arriving on the Ramillies 5 August 1847. He lived at 40 Galway Street, Onehunga. His Fencible Cottage is now on display as "White's store" at Howick Historical Village. Charles died 21 January 1870 in Onehunga, New Zealand, and was buried in St. Peters Churchyard, Onehunga.
  (79)  Catherine McNEIL
Catherine was born about 1812. She died about 1839 in Bellary, Karnataka, India.

[Notice to Pensioners]

[Discharge Document]

[Last Will and Testament]


["Ramillies" Passenger List]

Beswick gravestone - St. Peter's Churchyard

St. Peter's Churchyard, Onehunga

  (80)  John STRONG
John was baptised in Dumfries, Scotland, on 6 April 1783. He married Jean MORRIN 11 September 1803 in Dumfries. John and his brother, Oliver, were chair makers. [Parents]
  (81)  Jean MORRIN
Jean was born about 1783 in Dumfries, Scotland.

  (82)  Alexander FERGUSSON
Alexander was a drover. He is thought to be linked to the Fergusson's of Moniaive, Dumfries and Galloway, and possibly related to Alexander Fergusson, 14th Laird of Craigdarroch, and Annie Laurie. (Annie Laurie: Wikipedia)

Craigdarrock House near Moniaive, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. It was the seat of the Chief of the Dumfriesshire Fergussons for 600 years.
Craigdarrock House

  (84)  Robert THOMPSON
Robert was born 21 September 1797 at Sunderland, Durham, England. He married Sarah LOWES 30 August 1818 at Bishop Wearmouth, Sunderland. Robert was a ship builder. He died at West House, Fulwell, England on 10 December 1860. [Parents]
  (85)  Sarah LOWES
Sarah was born 1796 at West Boldon, England. She was Christened 6 November 1796 in Whitburn. She died 15 December 1863 at West House, Fulwell and was buried at Monkwearmouth Mere Knolls Cemetery. [Parents]

[Ship builders of Sunderland]

Robert Thompson opened his North Sands yard in 1846. His son, Robert, opened a yard at Southwick in 1854, while another son, Joseph Lowes, took over the yard at North Sands in 1860 and changed the company name to J L Thompson. Robert Thompson Jnr’s yard closed in 1933. J L Thompson’s yard was closed in 1979, although the fitting out quay was used by Doxford’s and Laing’s. St Peter’s Campus of Sunderland University now stands on the site.

Photos: (left) Robert Thompson (right) Thompson's Yard ca. 1956
Thompson's Shipyard ca. 1956 

  (86)  Thomas JOHNSON
Thomas married Mary.
  (87)  Mary (?)

  (88)  Richard STEVENS
Richard was born about 1819. He married Mary Ann TOOP 16 June 1845 at St George the Martyr, Surrey, England. Richard was a gardener. [Parents]
  (89)  Mary Ann TOOP
Mary Ann was born about 1819 at Clapham, Surrey, England. [Parents]

  (92)  William WELLS
William was born about 1801 at Rainham, Kent, England. He married Sarah (?) before 1826.
  (93)  Sarah (?)
Sarah was born about 1802 and died before 1851.

  (94)  William CLEMENTS
William was born about 1809. He married Harriet MARTIN 18 September 1843 at Castle Donnington, Leicester, England. William died 22 August 1874 at Chatham, Kent, England. [Parents]
  (95)  Harriet MARTIN
Harriet was baptised 16 August 1819 Castle Donnington, Leicester, England. She died about 1859 at Rochester, Kent, England. [Parents]

  (96)  Georg Edward PETERS
Georg was born 16 May 1817 and was christened 24 June 1817 in St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg, Germany. He married Ippe Marie Wilhelmine JANSEN. Later, Georg married Catherina Dorothe Drayer. Georg was a Fabrikarbeiter in Hamburg. He died 8 August 1866 in Hamburg-Pinneberg. [Parents]
  (97)  Ippe Marie Wilhelmine JANSEN
Marie was born 6 March 1821 in Pakens Altendeich, Niedersachsen, Germany. She was christened 1 April 1821 in Pakens. [Parents]


Heinrich Peters, brother of Georg Edward Peters (Photo courtesy of Mr. Finn Jensen of Norway, great grandson of Heinrich Peters)
Heinrich Peters, brother of Georg Edward Peters

  (98)  Ernst Matthias HOFFMANN
Born 25 March 1816 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He married Anna Margaretha JENSEN 10 September 1843 in Keitum-Sylt, Germany. Ernst died 20 October 1852. He was a Ships Captain.[Parents]
  (99)  Anna Margaretha JENSEN
Born on Christmas Day, 25 December 1818 in Hojer, Denmark. She died 7 December 1890 in Keitum-Sylt, Germany. [Parents]

St. Severin Kirche, Keitum-Sylt
St. Severin Kirche, Keitum-Sylt

  (100)  Johann Wilhelm BIEGEMANN
Johann married Amalia Auguste C. KROGER.
  (101)  Amalia Auguste C. KROGER[Parents]

  (102)  Johann Jacob ROHWEDDER
Johann married Johanna Margaretha LANGE.
  (103)  Johanna Margaretha LANGE [Parents]

  (104)  Jochim Hinrich LUDEMANN
Joachim married Anna LEGBAND.
  (105)  Anna LEGBAND

  (106)  Franz Joachim GUNTHER
Franz married Anna ALPERS.
  (107)  Anna ALPERS

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