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CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (128)  Thomas CARTER
Thomas was baptised 26 Mar 1762 at Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. Thomas married Elizabeth HORNE 7 January 1796 at Swanborne. [Parents]
  (129)  Elizabeth HORNE
Elizabeth was baptised 6 March 1768 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. [Parents]

  (130)  William SIMMONDS
William was born about 1780 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Elizabeth DAVIS 17 July 1798 in Swanbourne.
  (131)  Elizabeth DAVIS
Elizabeth was born 16 April 1775 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. [Parents]


  (132)  George BARLOW
George was born 1775 in Lancashire, England. He married Elizabeth FLETCHER 18 Apr 1799 in Manchester, England.
  (133)  Elizabeth FLETCHER
Elizabeth was born 1778 in Lancashire, England.

  (134)  William GORTON
William was born 1772 in Eccles, Lancashire, England. He married Mary PEARSON 28 Jun 1797 in Eccles. [Parents]
  (135)  Mary PEARSON
Mary was born 1774 in Eccles, Lancashire, England.

  (136)  Richard COPLEY
Richard was baptised 16 Aug 1759 in Tickhill, England. He married Sarah HAMMOND 20 July 1784 in Tickhill. Richard died 1847 in Tickhill. [Parents]
  (137)  Sarah HAMMOND
Sarah was baptised 5 Dec 1763 in Tickhill, England. She died 1842 and was buried 20 May 1842 in Tickhill, Yorkshire, England. [Parents]


[COPLEY'S of England]

Postcard: Westgate, Tickhill.

  (138)  John PAGDIN
John was baptised 12 Jun 1742 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire, England. He married Mary HICKSON 30 November 1769. John died 28 May 1831 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. [Parents]
  (139)  Mary HICKSON
Mary was baptised 28 Apr 1749 in Tickhill, Yorkshire, England. She died 17 September 1813 in Tickhill. [Parents]
  "Sacred to the memory of John Pagden who departed this life on May 28th 1831 aged 89. Also Mary his wife who departed this life on September 17th 1813 aged 61. also near this place was interred the body of John the son of John and Sally Pagden. Also John the son of the aforesaid John and Mary Pagden who died March 21st 1851 aged 72. Sally the wife of the said John Pagden died June 26th 1854 aged 67. Also Sally the wife of William Wilson and daughter of John and Sally Pagden died April 18th 1853 aged 29."

  (146)  John McKELLAR
John was born 1750 in Glen Shira, Argyll, Scotland. He married Mary CARSAL 23 Nov 1771 in Glassary, Argyll, Scotland. [Parents]
  (147)  Mary CARSAL
Mary was born 1751 in Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland. [Parents]

  (148)  John McKELLAR
John was born 1764 in Meikle Hills Glen, Argyll, Scotland. He married Janet BRYDIE 17 May 1784 in Lochgoilhead, Argyll, Scotland. [Parents]
  (149)  Janet BRYDIE
Janet was born 29 Oct 1764 in Muthill. Perthshire, Scotland. [Parents]
McKeller marriage

  (150)  John SERVICE
John was born 15 Feb 1763 in Row, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. He married Christian RODGER 5 Feb 1786 in Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. [Parents]
  (151)  Christian RODGER

  (152)  Thomas WOODWARD
Thomas was baptised 10 August 1769 in Dursley, Gloucestershire, England. He married Elizabeth PHILLIMORE on 8 October 1792 at St. James, Dursley. [Parents]
  (153)  Elizabeth PHILLIMORE
Elizabeth was baptised 23 December 1770 at St. James, Dursley, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]
Thomas Woodward - Baptism

  (154)  Robert THURSTON
Robert married Mary HARDING 15 May 1788 at North Nibley, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]
  (155)  Mary HARDING
Mary was born 18 Sep 1765 in North Nibley, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]

  (156)  Joel BESWICK
Joel was born 1780 in Stockport, Cheshire, England. He married Grace JEFFERSON 10 Jul 1796 in St. Mary's, Stockport. [Parents]
  (157)  Grace JEFFERSON
Grace was born 1781 in South Shields, Durham, England. She died 30 Dec 1852 in South Shields. [Parents]

  (160)  James STRONG
James was born 1754 in Dumfries, Scotland. He married Jean MURRAY 13 July 1780 in Dumfries. James was a wheelwright/turner. He died in February 1831. [Parents]
  (161)  Jean MURRAY
Jean was born about 1759 in Dumfries, Scotland. [Parents]

  (168)  Robert THOMPSON
Robert was baptised 8 May 1774 in Sunderland, Durham, England. He married Elizabeth BEANEY 25 November 1796 at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Sunderland. Robert was a master mariner and keelman. He died 6 March 1854 at West House, Fulwell, Durham. [Parents]
  (169)  Elizabeth BEANEY
Elizabeth was born 25 Nov 1779 in Sunderland, Durham, England. She died 6 Jun 1828 in Sunderland. [Parents]

  (170)  Joseph LOWES
Joseph was born 14 Mar 1770 in Hylton Ferry, Durham, England. He married Sarah WILLEY 13 August 1792 at Whitburn, Durham, England. Joseph died 1849 in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. [Parents]
  (171)  Sarah WILLEY
Sarah was born 1770 in Alston, Cumberland, England. She died 20 Feb 1831 in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. [Parents]

  (172)  Thomas JOHNSON
Thomas was born 1773 and died 1842. He married Ann ROBINSON.
  (173)  Ann ROBINSON
Ann was born 1773.

  (176)  John STEVENS
John was a gardener. [Parents]

  (178)  John TOOP
John was a shoemaker.

  (184)  William WELLS
William was born 26 Aug 1776 in Woodchurch, Kent, England. He Married Mary OWEN 13 Oct 1795 in Woodchurch. He died 8 Nov 1858 in Woodchurch. [Parents]
  (185)  Mary OWEN
Sarah was born 16 Feb 1779 in Woodchurch, Kent, England. [Parents]

  (186)  Benjamin KINGSWORTH
Benjamin was born 6 Nov 1770 in Woodchurch, Kent, England. He Married Mary Ann BOURNE 26 Sep 1796 in Woodchurch. He died 7 Nov 1860 in Woodchurch. [Parents]
  (187)  Mary Ann BOURNE
Mary was born 4 Dec 1776 in Woodchurch, Kent, England. She died 11 Apr 1859. [Parents]

  (188)  William CLEMENTS
William was born 1788 in Sawly, Derbyshire, England. He married Elizabeth HUNTER about 1808 in England. William died 10 November 1848 at Castle Donnington, Leicester, England aged 57. [Parents]
  (189)  Elizabeth HUNTER
Elizabeth was born 1791 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. She died 30 January 1862 at Derby, Derbyshire, England. [Parents]

  (190)  John MARTIN
John was baptised 26 October 1789 at Castle Donnington, Leicester, England. He married Sophia TWELLS 26 March 1815 at Castle Donnington. [Parents]
  (191)  Sophia TWELLS
Sophia was baptised 27 October 1785 at Castle Donnington, Leicester, England. [Parents]

  (192)  Johann Heinrich Wilhelm PETERS
Johann was born 2 November 1781 in Glueckstadt, Germany. He married Maria Elizabeth KAYSER 2 December 1806 in St. Jacobi Church, Luebeck, Germany. Johann died 30 March 1849 at Heilig Geist (a home and hospital for poor people) in Hamburg, Germany and was buried at St. Maria Magdalenen of Heilig Geist hospital (No. 135). [Parents]
  (193)  Maria Elizabeth KAYSER
Maria was born 13 February 1776 in Lübeck, Germany. She was baptised 15 February 1776. Maria died 1829 at Mattentwiete, Hamburg, Germany and was buried at St. Gertrud Cemetery, Hamburg.

  (194)  Wilke JANSEN
Wilke married Gretke (?) 9 May 1811 in Pakens, Germany. He died 11 April 1825 in Pakens.
  (195)  Gretke (?)

  (196)  Sören HOFFMANN
Born 4 August 1781 in Verdersö. Sören married Johanne Juliane KATOR 5 April 1815 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sören was a ships captain. He died 10 Jan 1863 in Copenhagen. [Parents]
  (197)  Johanne Juliane KATOR
Born 11 April 1784 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Johanne died 28 August 1855 in Copenhagen. [Parents]

  (198)  Adam JENSEN
Born 10 August 1793 in Højer, Tonder, Denmark. He married Christine KETELSEN 28 March 1818 in (?Klansbüle). Adam died 18 January 1851 in Keitum-Sylt, Germany. [Parents]
  (199)  Khristine KETELSEN
Kristine was born 2 December 1793 in Bonnbüle, Denmark. She died 4 May 1865 in Keitum-Sylt, Germany. [Parents]

  (200)  Hinrich Jacob BIEGEMANN
Hinrich was born 22 Feb 1775 in Mehlbek, Steinburg, Germany. He married Wiebke BÜHRENS 27 Jun 1800 in Hemme, Dithmarschen, Germany. [Parents]
  (201)  Wiebke BÜHRENS
Wiebke was born about 1778. [Parents]

  (202)  Hans Christian KRÖGER.
Hans married Sara Christina BOHN. [Parents]
  (203)  Sara Christine BOHN
Sara was born 18 June 1791 in Hamburg-Altona, Germany. [Parents]

Found in Gesangbuch

  (204)  Henning ROHWEDDER
Henning married Anna H. SAUERBERG. [Parents]
  (205)  Anna H. SAUERBERG

  (206)  Johann Heinrich LANGE
Johann married Maria Catherina TIEMANN. [Parents]
  (207)  Maria Catherina TIEMANN

  (220)  Carsten Diedrich WARNCKE
Carsten was born 2 Jun 1764. He married Anna Maria SCHEELE. Carsten died 9 Feb 1837 in Kirchwalsede, Rotenburg, Germany.
  (221)  Anna Maria SCHEELE
Anna was born 23 Nov 1763 in Hassel, Ammerland, Germany. She died 17 Aug 1828 in Kirchwalsede, Rotenburg, Germany. [Parents]

  (222)  Hans SCHWIEBERT
Hans was born 8 Dec 1759 in Kirchwalsede, Rotenburg, Germany. He married Catharina Sophie LANGE 5 Jun 1796. Hans died 25 Feb 1835 in Kirchwalsede, Rotenburg, Germany. [Parents]
  (223)  Catharina Sophie LANGE
Catharina was born 2 Jun 1772 in Kirchwalsede, Rotenburg, Germany. She died 14 May 1842 in Kirchwalsede. [Parents]

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