Ninth Generation

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand

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  (256)  Robert CARTER
Christened 12 August 1722 in Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. Robert married Mary SIMMONDS 28 July 1758 in Swanbourne. [Parents]
  (257)  Mary SIMMONS
Mary was born about 1737 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire. She died 23 August 1779. [Parents]

  (258)  John HORNE
John was christened 10 April 1730 in Swanbourne, Buckingham, England. [Parents]

  (262)  John DAVIS
John married Sarah WILMIN 8 February 1773 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England.
  (273)  Sarah WILMIN
Born 16 November 1754 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England. [Parents]

  (272)  John COPLEY
John married Elizabeth PARKIN 29 May 1757 in Tickhill, England. John was a tailor.
  (273)  Elizabeth PARKIN

[COPLEY'S of England]

  (274)  Richard HAMMOND
Richard was a weaver.

  (276)  John PAGDIN
John was christened 12 February 1713. He married Ann CHAMBERLAIN. [Parents]
  (277)  Ann CHAMBERLAIN

  (278)  Thomas HICKSON
Thomas was born about 1716.

  (304)  Thomas WOODWARD
Thomas married Betty NEWTH on 3 April 1769 in Dursley, Gloucester, England. He died 21 April 1772 in Dursley.
  (305)  Betty NEWTH
Betty was baptised 1 March 1750 at Dursley, Gloucester, England. [Parents]

  (306)  Daniel PHILLIMORE
Daniel was christened 15 December 1745 in Dursley, Gloucester, England. He married Sarah BRUTON on 19 August 1770 in Uley, Gloucester, England. Daniel was buried 4 November 1808 at Dursley. [Parents]
  (307)  Sarah BRUTON
Sarah was born in Uley, Gloucester, England. She was buried at Dursley, 11 March 1797.

  (320)  Oliver STRONG
Oliver wa born about 1720. He married Janet HARRIS 14 November 1748 in Dumfries, Scotland. Oliver was a soldier in a Dragoon Regiment (Possibly? 1743: Dalrymple's Dragoons; or 1745 Leslie's Dragoons; or 1750 Cholmondley's Dragoons). He was a wheelwright by trade.
  (321)  Janet HARRIS
Janet was born in 1720. [Parents]

  (322)  John MURRAY
John was born in Scotland.

  (336)  John THOMPSON
John was christened 6 June 1744 in Sunderland, County Durhan, England. He married Elizabeth WAINMAN on 6 March 1764 at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Sunderland. John died November 1754.[Parents]
  (337)  Elizabeth WAINMAN
Elizabeth was born 19 July 1735 in Sunderland, County Durham, England. [Parents]

[Ship builders of Sunderland]

  (380)  John MARTIN
John was baptised 13 August 1758 at Castle Donnington, Leicester, England. He married Ursula (?) [Parents]
  (381)  Ursula (?)

  (382)  John TWELLS
John was baptised 24 October 1757 at Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, England. He married Mary ATTERBURY 9 June 1776 at Ashby De La Zouch, Leicester, England. [Parents]
  (383)  Mary ATTERBURY

  (384)  Johann Heinrich Wilhelm PETERS
Johann was born 2 October 1748 at Gr. Beckerstrasse Nr. 23, Glueckstadt, Germany. He married Christiane Margaretha DETGENS 17 January 1771 in Glückstadt. Johann died in Aug 1834 and was buried at St. Michaelis Chirch, Hamburg, Germany (deaths No. 62). [Parents]
  (385)  Christiane Margaretha DETGENS
Born 5 February 1750 in Glückstadt, Germany. [Parents]

  (386)  Johann Christian KAYSER
Baptised 21 March 1740 in St. Marien Church, Lübeck, Germany. Johann married Elsabe Maria KALCKMANN 18 April 1773 in Lübeck. Johann died 30 May 1821. [Parents]
  (387)  Elsabe Maria KALCKMANN
Elsabe was baptised 21 June 1757 in St. Jacobi Kirche, Lübeck, Germany. She died 1839. [Parents]

  (392)  Ernst Halchus de HOFMAN
Born 17 June 1743 in Horens, Denmark. Ernst married Karen Elisabeth de HOFMAN 23 October 1767 in Lime, Rödding Harde. He was owner of the Aabjerg estate by Ringkoping. He was Knighted on 15 November 1780 and assumed the de HOFMAN arms. He died 11 March 1806 in Viborg. [Parents]
 The de Hofman arms
The de Hofman arms
  (393)  Karen Elisabeth de HOFMAN
Christened 17 September 1747 in Rodding, Lihme, Viborg, Denmark. She died 6 January 1821 in Viborg. [Parents]

  (394)  Jacob Friedrick KATOR
Jacob married Anna Maria RIEDLER.
  (395)  Anna Maria RIEDLER

  (396)  Niels JENSEN
Niels married Anna Margaretha FINCK 21 September 1770 in Højer, Denmark.
  (397)  Anna Margaretha FINCK

  (398)  Marcus KETELSEN
Marcus married Imke FEDDERS
  (399)  Imke FEDDERS

  (400)  Hans Casper BIEGEMANN
Hans married Gretje FIEDEMANN
  (401)  Gretje FIEDEMANN

  (402)  Claus BÜHRING
Claus married Margaretha PAULSEN
  (403)  Margaretha PAULSEN

  (404)  Hans Christian KRÖGER.
Hans married Trin Margaret ALARTENS
  (405)  Trin Margaret ALARTENS

  (406)  Claus Heinrich BOHN.
Claus married Antje ASMUS.
  (407)  Antje ASMUS.

  (408)  Hans Peter ROHWEDDER.
Hans married Elsabe LOHSE.
  (409)  Elsabe LOHSE.

  (410)  Micheal Hans SAUERBERG.
Micheal married Anna THIESRENS.
  (411)  Anna THIESRENS.

  (412)  Johann Heinrich LANGE
Johann married Catherina KÖSTER
  (413)  Catherina KÖSTER

  (414)  Johann Peter TIEMANN
Johann married Anna Catherina BLOM
  (415)  Anna Catherina BLOM

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