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BOMBAY - 1865     (3rd voyage to New Zealand).

  • "Bombay" = 900 tons. Captain: Sellars. From London departed 26th November 1864, arrived Auckland 18th March 1865. [Notes: See also Inventory No.31, Original passenger lists held by Auckland Public Library.]
  • Source: "They Came By Ship 1865-1965 Centenary of Bombay, Auckland, New Zealand" Published by the Centennial Committee of the Bombay Anniversary Picnic and Sports Club and printed by The Institute of Printing and Publishing Society Ltd., corner of Lyndock and Airedale Sts, Auckland, NZ.
  • This passenger list kindly supplied by Maureen Donwen
  • Passengers:         Age Statistics
  • No.Name [age]No.Name [age]No.Name [age]
    1.Alfred Abbott    [24]39.Joseph Bosworth    [18]77.Catherine Cowan    [23]
    2.Harriet Abbott    [22]40.Daniel Boyle    [24]78.John Cowan    [7 mths]
    3.Josiah Adams    [30]41.Samuel Breach    [27]79.Duncan Cramb    [28]
    4.David B. Allison    [26]42.Thomas Brooks    [35]80.Thomas Curry    [46]
    5.Helen Allison    [24]43.Sarah Brooks    [29]81.Elizabeth Curry    [42]
    6.William Anderton    [24]44.Emily Brooks    [4]82.Thomas Curry    [20]
    7.Charles Anderton    [19]45.Fanny Brown    [21]83.Matthew Curry    [19]
    8.Alfred Andrews    [20]46.Thomas Bullock    [20]84.Sarah Curry    [16]
    9.Luke Ballard    [25]47.William Buttimore    [30]85.Robert Curry    [14]
    10.Elizabeth Ballard    [24]48.Ann Buttimore    [25]86.Hannah Curry    [12]
    11.Matthew Ballard    [3]49.Fanny Buttimore    [1]87.Elizabeth Curry    [8]
    12.Leah Ballard    [1]50.Ann Buttimore    [3]88.Hedley Curry    [6]
    13.Henry Barnes    [30]51.Samuel Buttress    [22]89.William Cuthbert    [27]
    14.Mary Barnes    [31]52.Sarah Ann Buttress    [23]90.Jean Cuthbert    [27]
    15.Henry Barnes    [7]53.William Caie    [26]91.Beatrice Cuthbert    [4 mths]
    16.Charles A. Barnes    [5]54.Jessie Caie    [28]92.John Dalbeth    [25]
    17.John Bass    [28]55.Helen Caie    [3 mths]93.Harriet Dalbeth    [24]
    18.Harriet Bass    [28]56.Charles Cantell    [25]94.Mary Dalbeth    [2]
    19.Sarah Bass    [4]57.Susannah Cantell    [24]95.Harriet Dalbeth    [7 mths]
    20.James Bass    [2]58.Charles Cantell    [4]96.Herbert Day    [26]
    21.James Bentley    [29]59.Henry Carter    [23]97.Sophie Day    [28]
    22.Jane Bentley    [25]60.Margaret Carter    [22]98.Sophie Day    [3]
    23.Robert Bilkey    [43]61.Pheodora Carter    [2]99.John Donovan    [25]
    24.Jane Bilkey    [46]62.Eliza Carter    [4 mths]100.Alice Donovan    [24]
    25.Harry Bilkey    [16]63.Thomas Citty    [25]101.Ann Donovan    [2]
    26.John Bilkey    [14]64.George Church    [23]102.Elizabeth Donovan    [1]
    27.Edwin Bilkey    [11]65.Jane Church    [18]103.Thomas A. Dudley    [21]
    28.Robert Bilkey    [8]66.Edwin Clark    [26]104.Thomas Eaves    [23]
    29.Mary Bilkey    [2]67.Maria Clark    [26]105.Ann Eaves    [24]
    30.Walter Bird    [33]68.Edwin Clark    [7 mths]106.Ann Eaves    [2]
    31.Elizabeth Bird    [24]69.William Clark    [27]107.Mary Eaves    [1]
    32.Elizabeth Bird    [3]70.Charles Collings    [23]108.William Ecob    [21]
    33.William Bird    [1]71.Patrick Conolly    [25]109.Eleanor Ecob    [19]
    34.William Blair    [28]72.James Conoral    [21]110.Thomas H. Edwards    [23]
    35.Agnes Blair    [22]73.William Cooper    [32]111.Jemima Edwards    [20]
    36.Thomas Blair    [2]74.Sarah Cooper    [29]112.David Elder    [36]
    37.Robert Boore    [32]75.William Cornthwaite    [22]  
    38.Jane Boore    [28]76.John Cowan    [28]  
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    No.Name [age]No.Name [age]No.Name [age]
    113.Henry Evans    [35]151.Mary Hall    [20]188.Ann Jones    [41]
    114.Harriet Evans    [24]152.Ellen Hall    [18]189.Elizabeth Jones    [14]
    115.Harry Evans    [11 mths]153.Rebecca Hall    [15]190.Thomas Jones    [12]
    116.James Evans    [32]154.Samuel Hall    [13]191.Alfred Jones    [8]
    117.Elizabeth Evans    [30]155.Thomas Hardwick    [23]192.Sarah Jones    [4]
    118.Emma Evans    [2]156.Agnes Hardwick    [27]193.William Jones    [30]
    119.James Wm. Evans    [4 mths]157.Joseph Harrison    [17]194.Amelia Jones    [30]
    120.Edward Fahey    [21]158.Eliza Harrison    [21]195.Landon William    [20]
    121.Ellen Fahey    [22]159.Alice Harrison    [9 mths]196.Thomas Langham    [33]
    122.John Fearnley    [21]160.James Hennessy    [29]197.Catherine Langham    [31]
    123.Charles Flay    [25]161.Bridget Hennessy    [26]198.Mary Ann Langham    [5]
    124.Mary Flay    [24]161.Ann Buttimore    [3]199.Thomas Langham    [2]
    125.Elizabeth Flay    [2]162.Michael Hennessy    [10]200.Thomas Labrum    [45]
    126.James Flay    [1]163.Margaret Hennessy    [2]201.Mary Labrum    [44]
    127.John Chas Freeth    [29]164.Margaret Hennessy    [2]202.Mary Labrum    [14]
    128.Louisa Freeth    [28]165.Alfred Howe    [37]203.Thomas Labrum    [7]
    129.Thomas Funnell    [19]166.Mary Ann Howe    [39]204.Julia Lock    [19]
    130.Ignatius Gee    [24]167.Susanna Howe    [20]205.Theodore Lucas    [27]
    131.John Gillard    [42]168.Mary Howe    [13]206.Elizabeth Lucas    [25]
    132.Susan Gillard    [41]169.Agnes Howe    [11]207.Edwin Lucas    [9 mths]
    133.Jane Gillard    [19]170.Alfred Howe    [9]208.Hugh Mann    [28]
    134.John Gillard    [17]171.John Hughes    [18]209.George Marshal    [25]
    135.Mary Gillard    [17]172.Robert Jamieson    [27]210.Maria Marshal    [23]
    136.William Gillard    [14]173.Julia Jamieson    [23]211.Mary Marshal    [4]
    137.Arthur Gillard    [10]174.John Jessup    [28]212.Emily Marshal    [1]
    138.Charles Gillard    [8]175.Sarah Jessup    [28]213.Robert Martin    [24]
    139.Tom Gillard    [5]176.George Johnson    [26]214.Elizabeth Martin    [23]
    140.Emily Gillard    [3]177.Elizabeth Johnson    [26]215.George Martin    [23]
    141.Henry Golding    [20]178.William Johnson    [49]216.Catherine Martin    [23]
    142.William H. Goodfellow    [20]179.Mary Johnson    [49]217.George Martin    [2]
    143.Frederick Gouge    [26]180.Thomas Johnson    [17]218.Fairy Matson    [22]
    144.George Gouge    [20]181.Robert Johnson    [14]219.Joseph Mayo    [22]
    145.Thomas Greene    [22]182.Andrew Johnson    [9]220.Eliza Mayo    [23]
    146.Joseph Hall    [24]183.William Jones    [29]221.Edward Millburn    [38]
    147.Jane Hall    [29]184.Margaret Jones    [21]222.Catherine Millburn    [38]
    148.Edward Hall    [45]185.James Jones    [2]223.James Millburn    [13]
    149.Margaret Hall    [46]186.William Jones    [9 mths]224.Edward Millburn    [8]
    150.Jane Hall    [22]187.Thomas Jones    [40]  
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    No.Name [age]No.Name [age]No.Name [age]
    225.Rachel Moses    [28]282.Mary Stockman    [10]339.George Winter    [23]
    226.Leah Moses    [21]283.Andrew Sturgeon    [41]340.Susan Winter    [23]
    227.John Mould    [20]284.Helen Sturgeon    [39]341.Peter Winter
    228.Andrew McShein    [24]285.John Sturgeon    [19]342.Ann Winter
    229.Mary McShein    [20]286.Mary Sturgeon    [16]343.Henry Wooderson    [47]
    230.George McMullen    [23]287.James Sturgeon    [14]344.Susanna Wooderson    [48]
    231.Mary Nicholls    [22]288.Elizabeth Sturgeon    [11]345.Robert Wooderson    [17]
    232.William Ord    [18]289.Margaret Sturgeon    [9]346.Pheobe Wooderson    [17]
    233.John Parker    [42]290.Andrew Sturgeon    [4]347.Harriet Wooderson    [9]
    234.Elizabeth Parker    [46]291.William Sturges    [29]348.Jas Robert Wooderson    [25]
    235.Mary Parker    [20]292.John Swinbank    [38]349.Emma Wooderson    [25]
    236.Leasing Parker    [18]293.Margaret Swinbank    [34]350.Catherine Wooderson    [6 mths]
    237.Henry Parker    [15]294.John B. Tabb    [32]351.Joseph Wootten    [50]
    238.Catherine Parker    [14]295.Thomas Taylor    [26]352.Coney Wootten    [42]
    239.George Parker    [21]296.Esther Taylor    [28]353.Charles Wootten    [21]
    240.William Partridge    [19]297.Thomas Taylor    [5]354.Harriet Wootten    [13]
    241.Walter Pattison    [23]298.George Taylor    [4]355.Joseph Wootten    [11]
    242.Charles W. Parsons    [20]299.Edward Taylor    [1]356.George Wootten    [5]
    243.Frederick Perry    [28]300.Hugh Thomas    [30]357.Henry Wootten    [2]
    244.Rhoda Perry    [26]301.Margaret Thomas    [28]358.Richard Worden    [46]
    245.Sarah Perry    [3]302.Richard Tregoewth    [25]359.Elizabeth Worden    [44]
    246.Thomas Perry    [22]303.Christina Tregoewth    [24]360.Alice Worden    [19]
    247.William Piggott    [25]304.Emmeline Tregoewth    [2]361.Richard Worden    [17]
    248.Elizabeth Piggott    [24]305.Mary Tregoewth    [8 mths]362.Elizabeth Worden    [12]
    249.William Piggott    [3]306.William Tregoewth    [14]363.William Worden    [10]
    250.Elizabeth Piggott    [5 mths]307.William Turpin    [36]364.Thomas Worden    [8]
    251.Jane Prior    [24]308.Ann Turpin    [34]365.Julia Worden    [1]
    252.John Randall    [26]309.William Vince    [31]366.George Wreford    [44]
    253.Jane Randall    [27]310.Thomas Waring    [32]367.Harriet Wreford    [45]
    254.William Reid    [29]311.Ann Waring    [31]368.Frank Wreford    [18]
    255.Mary Reid    [24]312.Mary Waring    [4]369.Driscilla Wreford    [17]
    256.George Reid    [4 mths]313.Rose Waring    [3]370.Matt Wreford    [14]
    257.William Richards    [24]314.Benedict Waring    [1]371.George Wreford    [11]
    258.James Robinson    [40]315.Christopher Waugh    [26]372.William Wreford    [10]
    259.Ann Robinson    [40]316.Esther Waugh    [25]373.Sarah Wreford    [8]
    260.Margaret Robinson    [18]317.George Waugh    [1]374.Augusta Wreford    [5]
    261.Sarah Robinson    [13]318.John Webber    [21]375.Ann Wreford    [1]
    262.Jessie Robinson    [3]319.Michael White    [28]376.Jacob Wright    [24]
    263.George Rooke    [30]320.Ellen White    [27]377.Jane Wright    [23]
    264.Esther Rooke    [22]321.Amelia White    [1]378.Henry Wright    [2]
    265.George Saunders    [21]322.Joseph Whitworth    [36]379.Rebecca Wright    [3 mths]
    266.William Sawyer    [40]323.Emma Whitworth    [26]380.Read Wykes    [45]
    267.Mary Ann Sawyer    [38] 324.Martha Wiggington    [18]381.Sarah Wykes    [41]
    268.William Sawyer    [18]325.John Wilkinson    [38]382.Elizabeth Wykes    [16]
    269.Charles Sawyer    [16]326.Agnes Wilkinson    [37]383.Sarah Wykes    [14]
    270.Charles Sawyer    [16]327.Joseph Williams    [37]384.Mary Ann Wykes    [5]
    271.John Sawyer    [13]328.Sarah Williams    [36]385.Frederick Wykes    [2]
    272.Elizabeth Sawyer    [11]329.Ann Williams    [14]386.Thomas Younger    [34]
    273.Helen Sawyer    [9]330.John Williams    [12]387.Isabella Younger    [32]
    274.Arthur Sawyer    [7]331.Richard Williams    [10]388.Sarah Younger    [13]
    275.Caroline Sawyer    [5]332.Mary Williams    [7]389.Isabella Younger    [10]
    276.Augustus Sawyer    [2]333.James Williams    [5]390.Elizabeth Younger    [8]
    277.George Sharp    [18]334.Thomas Wills    [23]  
    278.Frederick Smith    [19]335.John Wilson    [30]  
    279.Solomon Stockman    [37]336.Sarah Wilson    [35]  
    280.Esther Stockman    [39]337.Margaret Wilson    [3]  
    281.Caroline Stockman    [18]338.John Wilson    [3 mths]  
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    BOMBAY:      Age Groups       [Total passengers: 390]
    Under 11-4 [%]5-9 [%]10-14 [%]15-19 [%]20-24 [%]25-29 [%]
    17 [4.37]51 [13.11]27 [6.94]36 [9.25]38 [9.77]82 [21.08]65 [16.71]
          81% of passengers were aged 29 or under. (Youngest: Helen Caie, Rebecca Wright and John Wilson all aged 3-months)
    30-34 [%]35-39 [%]40-44 [%]45-49 [%]50-54 [%]55-59 [%]Over 60 [%]
    24 [6.17]19 [4.88]16 [4.11]13 [3.34]1 [0.26]0 [0]0 [0]
          19% of passengers were aged 30 or over. (Oldest: Joseph Wootten aged 50 years)

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