Auckland Central Leader - 14 July 2006

Onehunga's settlers are being given fresh life through a website. Russell Carter started the site after a colleague told him about his passion for genealogy. It's a little bit like being a private eye," Mr Carter says. "In genealogy you're not only learning about your ancestors, you're also learning about history." Mr Carter's ancestors arrived in New Zealand as Fencibles on the Ramillies in 1847. Captivated by their stories, he started to document them in cyberspace. "When I began to put it all on to the internet I felt like I was sort of recreating this world of old in this modern arena," he says. "The whole region interests me. My ancestors came to Onehunga by ship and my family always lived in Onehunga. "That's a heck of a long long time to be involved in Onehunga." Mr Carter says the township was an important little place back then. "Everything south came through here and there was a very creative bunch of people here." The website includes a timeline of Onehunga starting in the 1700s and ending in 2000 with One Tree Hill's tree being cut down. There are photos of Onehunga and One Tree Hill as well as sections on Onehunga settlers and a street map from the 1930s. Visitors can also join a mailing list to share information on the suburb. Mr Carter hopes the site inspires people to care about their heritage. "Onehunga is such a lovely diverse region," he says. "It's got old people who are part of its past and young people who are building its future.". For more information, visit "onehunga.html"

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