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John COPLEY married Elizabeth PARKIN

Children Born / Christened Married Died
Richard COPLEY c. 16 Aug 1759, Tickhill Sarah HAMMOND, 20 Jul 1784, Tickhill 1847, Tickhill                   
Ann COPLEY b. abt 1762, Tickhill, Yorkshire    
Mary COPLEY b. 08 Jul 1764, Tickhill    
Robt. COPLEY c. 06 Jul 1766, Tickhill    

Richard COPLEY married Sarah HAMMOND   20 Jul 1784 at Tickhill, Yorkshire.

Richard COPLEY.  Son of John COPLEY and Elizabeth PARKIN
Sarah HAMMOND  b. abt. 1762 Tickhill, Yorkshire. Died 1842. Buried 20 May 1842.
Daughter of ?Richard HAMMOND (weaver)
Children Born / Christened Married Died
Elizabeth COPLEY c. 22 May 1785, Tickhill Joseph ROBINSON, 17 Apr 1803  
Mary COPLEY c. 7 Jan 1787, Tickhill    
Richard COPLEY c. 15 Feb 1788, Tickhill Fanny PAGDIN, 6 Nov 1815, Tickhill 15 Apr 1871, Tickhill
John COPLEY 1 c. 27 Apr 1790, Tickhill   21 Mar 1864, Tickhill
William COPLEY c. 21 Aug 1793, Tickhill    
Thomas COPLEY c. 24 Jan 1796, Tickhill    
Ann COPLEY c. 19 Sep 1798, Tickhill John TURNELL, 24 May 1819  

John COPLEY, Tickhill Parish Church Cemetery Monumental Inscription (Tickhill churchyard) reads:

In memory of John Copley late of Manchester who departed this life on 21 Mar 1864 aged 74 years. Also John Alexander son of the above aged 8 years.

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Richard COPLEY married Fanny PAGDIN   6 Nov 1815 at Tickhill, Yorkshire.

Richard COPLEY.  Son of Richard COPLEY and Sarah HAMMOND
Fanny PAGDIN  b. 28 May 1792 Tickhill. Died 9 Dec 1870, Tickhill.
Daughter of John PAGDIN & Mary HICKSON
Children Born / Christened Married Died
William COPLEY 1 b. 18 Dec 1815, Tickhill Sarah WHITE, 4 Sep 1855, Tickhill 1 Dec 1881, Tickhill*
John COPLEY 1 c. 6 Feb 1818, Tickhill Mary GILES, 7 Mar 1844, Blyth 29 Dec 1873, Tickhill
Mary COPLEY c. 31 Mar 1820, Tickhill Joseph DENTON, 5 Jul 1842.  
Richard COPLEY c. 6 Oct 1822, Tickhill Eliza TURNER, 19 May 1853, Tickhill.  
Thomas COPLEY c. 7 May 1824, Tickhill Mary COPLEY, 1 Jan 1848, Manchester  
Fanny COPLEY c. 13 Aug 1826, Tickhill   Abt 10 Nov 1839, Tickhill
Edward COPLEY c. 11 Jan 1829, Tickhill    
George COPLEY c. 18 Mar 1832 Mary GAUNT abt 1857 22 Jun 1865, Rotherham
Alfred COPLEY c. 21 May 1834, Tickhill 1. Sarah COPLEY [MASON?] 15 Mar 1857, Manchester
2. Sarah Selina RICH Sep 1871, Shoreditch, London
1917 Wellington, New Zealand.
Emig. New Zealand 3 May 1875
See: Tintern Abbey Passenger List

Memorial Inscription on John COPLEY's gravestone in Tickhill churchyard reads:

Affectionate Remembrance of  John COPLEY who died December 29th 1873 aged 55 years. Also Fanny daughter of the above born August 25th 1840, died August 28th 1840 "Thy will be done". Also Mary wife of the above at rest July 21st 1895 aged 75 years "They rest from their labours" Also William Copley died August 8th 1902 aged 54 years "He giveth his beloved sleep"

Photo's courtesy of   Dave Weston.
John COPLEY, Tickhill Parish Church Cemetery
William COPLEY, Tickhill Parish Church Cemetery Monumental Inscription on William's gravestone (Tickhill churchyard) reads:

In Loving Memory of  William COPLEY born Dec 18th 1815, died Dec 1st 1881, Also Sarah wife of the above died May 13th 1892 aged 86 years.

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John COPLEY married Mary GILES   7 Mar 1844 at Blyth, Nottinghamshire

John COPLEY.  Son of Richard COPLEY and Fanny PAGDIN
Mary GILES  b. about 1819. Died 21 Jul 1895 at Tickhill. buried 23 Jul 1895.
Daughter of William GILES, a potter
Children Born / Christened Married Died
Elizabeth COPLEY c. 6 Dec 1844, Tickhill William NORMAN, 12 Dec 1871  
Fanny COPLEY b. 26 Aug 1846, Tickhill   29 Aug 1846, Tickhill
William COPLEY c. 4 Jun 1848, Tickhill Elizabeth (from Hull) 8 Aug 1902, Tickhill
Mary Jane COPLEY c. 9 Nov 1851, Tickhill    
Catherine COPLEY c. 29 Jul 1855, Tickhill    
Alice Maud COPLEY b. 10 Nov 1864, Tickhill Albert William COPLEY 12 Feb 1890, Tickhill  

Thomas COPLEY married Mary COPLEY   1 Jan 1848 at Manchester Cathedral

Thomas COPLEY.  Son of Richard COPLEY and Fanny PAGDIN
Mary COPLEY  b. abt 1825, Manchester.
Daughter of John COPLEY.
Children Born / Christened Married Died
John COPLEY b. abt 1850, Manchester    
Ann COPLEY b. 28 Jun 1856, Gorton Peter CARTER, 17 Jan 1875, Manchester 6 May 1932, Auckland,
New Zealand
Maud M COPLEY c. 16 Aug 1863, Gorton    

Alfred COPLEY married (1) Sarah COPLEY [MASON?]   15 Mar 1857 at Manchester Cathedral

Alfred COPLEY.  Son of Richard COPLEY and Fanny PAGDIN    Emig. New Zealand 3 May 1875
Sarah COPLEY [MASON?]   b. 1829 at Manchester; d. before 1871
Children Born / Christened Married Died
Alfred J. MASON b. abt 1847, Manchester bef. 1874    Note: Alfred was a step-son to Alfred COPLEY                                          
Charles H. COPLEY b. abt 1858, Gorton    
Fanny COPLEY b. abt 1860, Gorton John Thomas SMITH, 16 Feb 1886,
Christchurch, New Zealand
William COPLEY b. abt 1862, Yorkshire    

Alfred COPLEY married (2) Sarah Selina RICH   September 1871 at Shoreditch, London, England

Alfred COPLEY.  Son of Richard COPLEY and Fanny PAGDIN
Emig. New Zealand 3 May 1875 - See: Tintern Abbey Passenger List
Sarah Selina (Lennie) RICH   b. abt. 1846 at Devon, England; d. 13 September 1895 Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Children Born / Christened Married Died
Sarah Selina COPLEY b. 1871, England    
Ernest Edward COPLEY b. 1873, England   26 May 1875,
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ernest Alfred COPLEY b. 1876, Christchurch, New Zealand Beatrice C. SMART,
Christchurch, New Zealand
Edith Alice COPLEY b. 1880, Christchurch, New Zealand    

George COPLEY George COPLEY (left) and his mother-in-law, Mrs. GAUNT of Leeds (right).



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Mrs Gaunt

George COPLEY married Mary GAUNT   abt 1857

George COPLEY.  Son of Richard COPLEY and Fanny PAGDIN
Mary GAUNT   of Leeds
Children Born / Christened Married Died
Alfred E COPLEY c. 27 Jun 1858 Florence BEEVERS buried Swalcliffe, Oxen
Albert W COPLEY b. 27 Nov 1859, Tickhill   8 Aug 1895, Rotherham
Fanny M COPLEY c. 13 Oct 1861, Tickhill    
George H COPLEY c. 10 Jul 1864, Tickhill    
Mary E COPLEY c. 19 Nov 1865, Tickhill Note: Mary was born after George COPLEY�S death  
William P COPLEY b. abt 1873 Note: William born after George COPLEY�S death  


Albert William COPLEY earned his living as a gas rate collector, however, a local firm of solicitors had earlier employed him as a clerk and his father had also been employed as a solicitor�s clerk, latterly with the county court. Albert Copley himself was a native of Rotherham and was born at 98 Westgate on 27 November 1859. He appears to have been the second eldest child of a family of five children. His father George COPLEY had married Mary GAUNT, a girl from Leeds about 1857. In 1861 the family appear to have been one of several families that shared accommodation on the upper floors of No 50 Westgate. Westgate was the main route out of Rotherham towards Sheffield and, at this time, the lower floors of Number 50 were occupied by Joseph CROSSBY a grocer and flour dealer. A yard separated these premises from the Wellington pub and at some point prior to 1865 this yard became Wilfred Street and the family moved into No 7. It was here that his father died in 1865 of a fever - which appears to have lasted 24 days - brought about by ulceration and leading to perforation of the bowels. George Copley was laid to rest on 24 June 1865 in Moorgate cemetery Rotherham. The 1871 census notes that the family was still resident at 7 Wilfred St and Albert is mentioned as an errand boy. Ten years later the COPLEY�S lived in Rotherham on the Mansfield road. Living at home at this time were two of Albert's brothers and a sister. The eldest brother, Alfred Ernest Copley, was an accountant and it is interesting to note that a firm of accountants bearing the COPLEY name was still doing business in the area in 1959. Another brother, George Harold, was a clerk to the Rotherham Corporation. The census notes a third son of Mary COPLEY nee GAUNT, one William Pollard COPLEY, then only eight years of age and still in education. This child cannot be the son of George COPLEY because he would have been born some eight years after George�s death. Albert's sister, Mary Evelyn was fifteen at the time of the census and therefore it is likely that she was born after George�s death. Albert COPLEY married Alice Maud COPLEY in the church of St Mary, Tickhill, in Yorkshire on 12 February 1890. His bride was the daughter of John COPLEY, a master Blacksmith and Mary GILES (the daughter of William GILES a Potter from Blyth in Nottinghamshire) Albert and Alice settled in Wharncliffe Street, Rotherham and it appears that Alice's mother, then herself a widow, lodged with them.


On Thursday morning, Mr Albert Wm. COPLEY, aged 35 years, of Wharncliffe Street, Rotherham, clerk in the gas department of Rotherham Corporation was found dead in bed. The deceased had recently been away for his holidays at Derby, and his wife had not returned home. When the servant went to the house on Thursday morning, between nine and ten o�clock she found all the doors were locked. She forced the kitchen window, and went upstairs, and the deceased was lying on the bed partially undressed. She at once informed the deceased's brother, at his office in Main Street, and he called upon Dr Knight, who attended, and pronounced life extinct. The symptoms indicated alcoholic poisoning. Half a bottle of gin was near the deceased. He had suffered from liver complaint and influenza last January.


Yesterday Mr D. WIGHTMAN, coroner, held an inquest on the body of the deceased, Albert Wm. COPLEY, at the Rotherham hospital. Mr Arthur Lepton WOOLLEN, painter and plumber, deposed that the deceased was his cousin, was 35 years of age, and he had lived at 37 Wharncliffe Street, Rotherham. Deceased had been in the employ of the gas department of the Rotherham Corporation. Generally he had been a healthy man. About 25 years ago deceased had an affection of the spine and had suffered from curvature of the spine more or less since. He had, however, been much better during the last ten years. Deceased had appliances made for the benefit of his spine at the time he first suffered. His affliction had not affected his brain in any way. No other member of the family was of the opinion that his brain had been at all affected. He (witness) had no reason to think so. Deceased died on Thursday, and the last time he had seen him was about three weeks ago, when walking along the street. Deceased was then following his usual occupation. -The Coroner: Has he been a man who has drunk excessively? -Witness: Personally I cannot say so. -The Coroner: I know it is a peculiar question to ask you, but I am bound to put it to you from the circumstances surrounding the case. -Witness: Personally, I do not know, but from what I have heard he has done so. -The Coroner: Had he lost his situation at the Gas Works? -Witness: I cannot say. -The Coroner: For anything you know he was still in the employ of the Corporation? -Witness: Yes. -The Coroner: Has he a wife and family? -Witness: he has a wife and one child. -The Coroner: Have you any suspicion of foul play? -Witness: No sir. -The Coroner: Have you formed any opinion as to the cause of death? -Witness: I may say that for some time past he has suffered from a threatening of suffocation, when proceeding with his usual work. Once when entering the house of a friend deceased said "Give me a drink of water quick I am fast choking." The deceased�s wife was afraid lest he should choke when laid down. -Coroner: Is he insured? -Witness: Not that I know of. -Coroner: Has there been any quarrel between the deceased and his wife? -Witness: Not that I know of. Last January deceased has a serious illness, resulting in congestion of the liver and lungs, and his life was then despaired of. On that occasion he was medically attended by Dr. KNIGHT.

William Henry ALLEN, of No. 1 Sales yard Bridesgate, Rotherham, deposed that he had known the deceased for about six years. He has seen him drunk many times. From what he knew of the deceased he was a man who drank occasionally. He last saw the deceased on Tuesday night, soon after 6 o�clock. He was then at the top of the courthouse steps, in the college yard. Deceased asked him to get him a cab; he did so and went home with him. There was, in his opinion, nothing more the matter with the deceased than simply being drunk. When he arrived home he assisted deceased out of the cab. He then handed his keys to him and asked him to open the house door. He did so and deceased proceeded up the steps and fell down in the passage immediately on entering. Deceased shouted for him to pick him up, and he did so. He understood the deceased to say he had been to Derby with his wife. Proceeding, he said he lifted the deceased into an armchair in the kitchen. When leaving, deceased asked him to see him the next morning near the Gas Office, and he would pay him for his trouble. He never saw any marks of violence upon him, and deceased never complained of anyone assaulting him. Deceased said he was sorry he could not ask him to have anything to drink, as what he had got in the house he wanted for himself. Deceased was by himself when he left the house.

Mrs. Agnes SELLARS, widow of Thomas SELLARS, living at 35 Wharncliffe Street, said she was neighbour to the deceased. She could not say that she had seen the deceased drunk before last Tuesday night. She had many times seen him the worst for drink, but never incapable before. On Thursday morning between nine and ten o�clock, the deceased�s servant came to her house to see if the key had been left with her. At her suggestion, the servant went to the Gas Office to ask if Mr COPLEY was there, and she learnt that he was not. They tried the doors and found that the key was inside the door by which the deceased had entered. The servant effected an entrance by means of the kitchen window, and called for her master. Not receiving any reply she proceeded upstairs, and found deceased on the bed. The deceased was lying on the bed with most of his clothes on. He had only taken off his coat and boots. On the bed by his side was the bottle, produced, labeled "Best London Gin," and it was half full of liquid. She sent for the deceased�s brother, Mr A. E. COPLEY [Alfred Ernest], and he returned in company with Dr KNIGHT. Witness knew the deceased was in the habit of drinking gin. - In reply to Mr WOOLLEN, witness said she had heard deceased complain about his throat only a week ago, when he said his throat would be the end of him. She had heard him complain of having an affection of the heart. She could not say he had complained of his spine being troublesome. She knew he was very delicate and wanted a great deal of care. - Mr WOOLLEN: Has he not had a great deal of physical exertion to go through by the illness of his wife�s mother? - Witness: I believe so. Detective Sergeant ROSS said he had seen Dr KNIGHT and that gentleman�s opinion was that the deceased had suffered from alcoholic poisoning. The Coroner said he had not ordered a postmortem, but if the jury thought it desirable he would do so. Mr WOOLLEN said that during the past fifteen months he had had to carry his mother in law upstairs at great risk to himself. He had some trouble on his mind. The Coroner: Does that lead to suicide? Mr WOOLLEN: No. I mean that in a weak moment he had taken to drink. The Coroner: Do you mean that in the trouble he had he took so many drinks which caused his death, without previously intending to do so?

Mr WOOLLEN: Yes. Mr WATSON (a juryman) said deceased was very steady until he commenced to collect the gas accounts. The jury, after a short deliberation, agreed that the deceased had died from natural causes possibly accelerated by alcohol.

Ernest Alfred COPLEY Copley's - A NZ family

Alfred E. COPLEY (son of Richard & Fanny COPLEY)
and family in New Zealand.

See: Diary kept by Alfred Copley on board "Tintern Abbey" and letter below:

Christchurch, New Zealand

June 28/1877

Dear Brother

           You will be thinking that I am not going to write again but better late than never. We were glad to hear that you were all in good health and hope you are still keeping so - I hope you received the Albatross' foot all right it will be a rare curiosity in Tickhill I do not suppose anyone else has one or ever saw one in Tickhill. I got it off one of the birds which was caught in our voyage out it was a tedious job to part the two skins and take out the bones - I have also sent you another lot of seeds which I hope you will be successful in raising especially the one which bears a large scarlet flower they will make nice pot plants it will be too cold for them outside. If Sarah keeps them in the window looking down the garden I think they will grow. I hope you will succeed with the flax I think it would grow outside in a sheltered place it is like the flag which grows in brooks and most surprisingly strong I forgot to say that the bird's foot is intended for a tobacco pouch and wants lining with silk - We are now in our winter season Sun rises 7,38 am - sets 4.26 pm. in December it rises 4.20 and sets 7.34 it gets dark very soon after sunset - I had a pass and holiday on Queen's birthday and went to one of the terminus' of the railway cable & White Cliffs a place at the foot of the middle ranges there is some beautiful scenery I brought home 3 cabbage trees which I have planted in the garden likewise a root of fern. Cabbage trees grow to 20 ft high a straight stem and at the top is a large bunch of leaves like flags and I got some nice specimens of fossil shells about 40 ft above the sea level bedded in sand.there are plenty of wild pigs there I saw the head of one that had been killed by one of the ... men it had tusks as long as your finger his skin was 3/4 " thick I measured it - enclosed is a bit of fern I brought home - Dear Brother you speak of yourself as an old man between 46 & 70 I could not have thought you was so much it only seems the other day since you played the Ophicieide and Jim Whittaker the Bugle in the band and now I hear of you being elected a Gov official I hope you will support all progressive measures

We are all in good health and hope this will find you all the same.

          I remain

          Your Affect broth

          [signed] Alfred Copley

          Mr Wm. Copley

Alfred Ernest COPLEY Left: Alfred Ernest COPLEY (left). Alfred was an accountant.

Right: Alfred's sister, Mary Evelyn COPLEY.
Mary Eveline COPLEY

Alfred Ernest COPLEY married Florence BEEVERS   

Alfred Ernest COPLEY.  Son of George COPLEY and Mary GAUNT
Florence BEEVERS
Children Born Notes Died
Alfred Beresford COPLEY b. abt 1890 2nd Lieut. 101st Bn., Machine Gun Corps (Inf) 26 Aug 1917, Aisne, France (Hargicourt British Cemetery)

The Will of Mary Copley (Died 1906)

           This is the last will and Testament of me Mary Copley of 90 Wellgate Rotherham in the County of York. I appoint my sons Alfred Ernest Copley of Wickersley House, Wickersley near Rotherham in the County of York, accountant and William Pollard Copley of 90 Wellgate Rotherham aforesaid accountants clerk (hereinafter called "my trustees") to be the Executors and Trustees of this my will. I bequeath to my son the said Alfred Ernest Copley, the antique hand painted vase now in my possession. I bequeath to my daughter Fanny Maude Bellarby the wife of John Wardle Bellarby, the illustrated Bible in two volumes now in my possession. I devise my real estate and bequeath the residue of my personal estate unto my trustees upon the trusts following that is to say as to the household furniture plate linen china and other household effects which shall be in or about my dwellinghouse at the time of my decease upon trust to permit my son the said William Pollard Copley and my daughter Mary Evaline Copley to use and enjoy the same so long as they or either of them shall remain single and unmarried and in case either of them shall marry or desire to give up the home then I direct that the same shall be sold either by public action or private contract at the discretion of my trustees and the proceeds thereof equally divided amongst my four children namely the said Alfred Ernest Copley, Fanny Maude Bellarby, Mary Evaline Copley and William Pollard Copley. As to all invested moneys standing at the time of my decease upon trust to permit my daughter the said Mary Evaline Copley to receive the annual income thereof during her life or until marriage and upon the happening of either event I direct my trustees to realise and convert into money such investments and divide the proceeds thereof equally amongst my four children hereinbefore mentioned and my two grandchildren Winifred Mary Copley and Albert Percival Copley children of my deceased son Albert William Copley they taking the share equally between them which their father if living would have taken. And as to any other estate real or personal I direct my trustees to sell and convert into money the same or such part thereof as shall not consist of money and divide the proceeds equally amongst my four children hereinbefore mentioned. Provided always that if any of my four children hereinbefore mentioned shall die in my lifetime leaving a child or children who shall survive me and being a son or sons shall attain the age of twenty one years or being a daughter or daughters shall attain that age or marry then and in every such case the last mentioned child or children shall take ( and if more than one equally between them ) the share which his her or their parent would have takenof and in the said trust funds if such parent had survived meand attained the age of twenty one years. And I declare that my trustees may postpone the sale and conversion of my real and personal estate or any part thereof for so long as they shall think fit and that the rents profits and income to accrue from and after my decease of and frm such part of my estate as shall for the time being remain unsold and unconverted shall after payment thereout of all incidental expenses and outgoings be paid and applied to the person or persons and in the manner to whom and in which the income of the moneys produced by such sale and conversion would for the time being be payable or applicable under this my will if such sale and conversion had been actually made I declare that all monies liable to be invested under this my will may be invested in or upon any stocks funds or securities authorised by law as investments for trust funds but the investments standing in my name at the time of my decease I direct and empower my trustees to allow the same to remain notwithstanding that they may be investments upon which my trustees could not invest money according to law and my trustees shall not in any way be held responsible for such investments or any loss arising therefrom. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this fourth day of May one thousand eight hundred and ninety six

          Mary Copley

          Signed by the said testatrix Mary Copley
          as and for her last Will and Testament
          in the presence of us present at the same time
          who at her request in her sight and presence
          and in the presence of each other have hereunto
          subscribed our names as witnesses

          [signed] Emma Parkinson 32 Alma Road Rotherham
          Lucy Ellen Thisley Padiham Road Burnley

          On the 25th day of June 1906
          Probate of this will was granted
          at Wakefield to Alfred Ernest Copley
          and William Pollard Copley
          the Executors

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