Robert Fergusson Strong's Diary

CARTER's Family History via New Zealand


Transcription of a diary kept by Robert Strong that was commenced on the 23rd of December 1923. This was not long before he, and Eva his wife, left England to settle in New Zealand. They left Southampton about three weeks later on the 17th of January 1924.
Note: (?) denotes an unknown or a word that was indistinct or difficult to read from the entry in the diary.
© 2006 Jim Pearce

Robert and Eva Strong
Robert and Eva Strong
23 Dec. Sun. Sis came from Rugby last night. Today we went to Crammon Way (?) Aunt Kate (?) and Florrie were there. Sis left by 9.30 pm train.
24 Dec. Mon. Went Dr. for exam. Both of us Al.
25 Dec. Tue. Went T. Heath Slept night there.
26 Dec. Wed. Had tea and supper with Fred Plummer got home 3.15 am.
27 Dec. Thu. Saw Dr. got Passport papers signed. Expect Billy for tea. Eva has felt very tired.
28 Dec. Fri. Paid passage to New Zealand 86 had Passport renewed for two years. Tea with Win.
29 Dec. Sat. Arranged sitting for photographs on Monday.
31 Dec. Mon. Had photo's taken this morning. Eva says we have to see the New Year in! I wonder!!! Wrote Harri accepting for weekend from Friday. Hilda landed(?) from D A (?)
1 Jan. Tue. Did not sit up to see New Year in, heard hooters from bed.
2 Jan. Wed. Went Thornton Heath in hope of seeing Hilda missed her as she did not return to shop.
3 Jan. Thu. Went to Winnies for dinner and supper. Hilda was there also.
4 Jan. Fri. Went to ______land (?) by 3.15 arrived at 4.30 and had to wait until 6.35 for bus to village. Was met at Colchester by Aubrey and Harold went to Wears (?) for tea. Alfred was not well so could not meet us with car.
[Comment from Colin Sidney-Wilmot (10 Oct 2007): "In the diary 4th january --------land is 'Nayland' which is where my grandfather had a house. Aubrey and Harold who went to Colchester to meet Robert are my father Aubrey Sidney-Wilmot and Harold his elder brother by a previous wife]
5 Jan. Sat. Both slept well. Very cold but nice fine frosty day. Fields all flooded and covered with ice. Alfred quite well again. He took us both for car trip. Imps are little devils.
6 Jan. Sun. Still beautiful weather and freezing hard. Boys Eva and I went for long walk. Spent quiet afternoon indoors. Friends turned up for tea.
7 Jan. Mon. Still freezing. Have been out all day with Alfred. Eva stay behind and chatted with Harri.
8 Jan. Tue. Harrie and Alfred have been busy bottling wine A. says it will be ready for drinking in 10 years, so I have promised to return then and help him out with it. Left by 3.47. H. was very upset at parting.
9 Jan. Wed. Pack up most of our things yesterday evening. Very snowy day. Did not go out much. Did more packing.
10 Jan. Thu. Went to see Mr McLelland got fresh reference. Eva and I went to Trill's for tea and supper.
11 Jan. Fri. Went to Mr Flack for tea. On return packed up heavy luggage.
12 Jan. Sat. Took luggage to Albert Docks. Eva met Sis at Euston 11 o\c. and returned from Docks at 1 o/c. All then had lunch at Lyons Corner House. Sis went to Crammon.(?) We went to T. Heath.
13 Jan. Sun. Party finished at 3am. Eva and I slept at Mrs. Simmonds. We all had our photos taken. Went to Crammon Way in the evening.
14 Jan. Mon. Went to Florries for tea. Fred's for supper afterwards Allan __ (?) it was a very "wet night." Slept at Fred's.
15 Jan. Sun. Left Fred Plummer at 10 o/c am. Sis came to us having lost her way she was late. All had tea at Lyons C.H. Saw Sis off at 7 o/c. Went to Crammon (?)
16 Jan. Wed. Went Winnie for dinner. Packed up crocks for Winnie. Went T. Heath in afternoon. Saw George and Win at 11 pm.
17 Jan. Thu. Remuera. Arrived Southampton before boat had long cold wait, could not get food. Boat arrived at 5 o/c. Said Goodbye to dear Old England. Cold foggy.
18 Jan. Fri. Sea rather rough. Eva has kept to her bunk all day. Cold. Nearly everybody seasick, have escaped so far. Distance 219. Moderate sea f. breeze.
19 Jan. Sat. Eva still in bunk, but has not been sick. Distance 275. Rather rough. High winds.
20 Jan. Sun. Eva was on upper deck for about an hour. Chart distance 306. Total 800. Strong wind rough sea.
21 Jan. Mon. Eva still in bunk. Distance 297 total 1097. Strong wind rough sea.
22 Jan. Tue. Eva still in bunk. Distance 288 Total 1385. Strong wind high sea. Pass middle of Azores about 2 pm.
23 Jan. Wed. Eva much better, has been up all today. Raining all today. Distance 301. Total 1686. High wind heavy swell.
24 Jan. Thu. Distance 324. Total 2010. Fresh wind moderate sea. This morning a general meeting to form a _______ation(?) committee was held. A baby died.
25 Jan. Fri. Nice warm day. Distance 334 Total 2344. Fresh wind Mod. sea. Funeral of a baby was held at 4.30 pm.
26 Jan. Sat. Had drill with life belts. Distance 348. Total 2692. Eva caught slight cold.
27 Jan. Sun. Eva not very well. Beautiful day. Distance 358 Total 3050 Light air calm sea.
28 Jan. Mon. Distance 360 Total 3410 Light breeze slight sea. Whist drives. Magic caution (?) on Panama.
29 Jan. Tue. Beautiful day. Passed close to Haiti and several more Islands in vicinity Porto Rico.
30 Jan. Wed. First anniversary of our wedding. Not possible to celebrate here but might do so at Panama. Fancy dress dance. Eva went as a pack of playing cards. Distance 359 Total 4126. Gentle breeze smooth sea.
31 Jan. Thu. Eva again won 3rd prize on ship's dance. Distance 367. Total 4493. Gentle breeze smooth sea expect to reach entrance of Canal at 12 midnight inspection at 6 am.
1 Feb. Fri. Arrived at Canal _____ _____(?) came aboard and passed ship. Had delightful run through Canal. Beautiful views and very interesting. Took several photos. Arrived Balboa 2 pm. went ashore 3 pm.
2 Feb. Sat. Had nice day at Panama. Took car from boat to see sights of town and old Panama. Bought lots of fruit and hat for Eva. Returned ship at 10 o/c. Sailed at midnight. 4068
3 Feb. Sun. Beautiful day. We attended service twice on deck. Distance 359 Total 5227. Gentle breeze slight sea.
4 Feb. Mon. Children's sports, very funny. Distance 371 Total 5598 Gentle breeze slight sea. Went to Whist drive but did not get a prize.
5 Feb. Tue. A beautiful day for a birthday. Expect Harri will be thinking of me today. Distance 362 Total 5960 Gentle breeze slight sea.
6 Feb. Wed. Fancy dress dance. Eva went as a Christmas Cracker and took 1st prize. Distance 354 Total 6314 Gentle breeze slight sea.
7 Feb. Thu. Location lecture on Pitcairn Island. Took photo of Eva in fancy dress. Distance 353 Total 6667 Gentle breeze slight sea.
8 Feb. Fri. Adults' sports both Eva and I were knocked out of our heats for quoits. Distance 364 Total 7031 Gentle breeze slight sea.
9 Feb. Sat. Adult sports. I won sweep on dogs(?) won 9/-. Distance 358 Total 7309 Gentle breeze slight sea.
10 Feb. Sun. Attended divine service. Lantern Lecture by the Padre at night. Distance 356 Total 7745 Gentle breeze slight sea.
11 Feb. Mon. Adult sports. Distance 357 Total 8101 Gentle breeze slight sea. Expect to reach Pitcairn at daybreak.
Pitcairn Island
12 Feb. Tue. Reached Pitcairn at 5 am. Got up on deck early but got very little fruit because of bad season. Found a brother Mason in the person of Mr Clark Leadman. Left at 9 am. Distance 266 Total 8367.
13 Feb. Wed. Rather rough this morning. A number of ladies sick. I got second in sweep on _____(?) Distance 340 Total 8707. Moderate breeze and sea.
14 Feb. Thu. Eva felt ill all day. Bad headache and pain on left side, but did not take to bunk. Distance 339 Total 9046 Moderate wind and sea.
15 Feb. Fri. Eva rather better this morning but still bad in head. Distance 349 Total 9395. Moderate wind and sea.
16 Feb. Sat. I got beaten in third round of quoits. Distance 351 Total 9746 Gentle breeze Mod sea. Eva has been quite well today.
17 Feb. Sun. Attended Divine service Distance 354 Total 10100. Gentle breeze moderate sea. Lantern lecture in the evening by the Padre.
18 Feb. Mon. Many folks down with sickness. Distance 340 Total 10440 Moderate gale rough sea. Whist drive.
19 Feb. Tue. Quoits final. Distance 311 Total 10751 Moderate breeze and sea. Expect to arrive in Wellington harbour tomorrow night late. [Quoits: (pronounced kwAits) is a traditional lawn game involving the throwing of a metal or rubber ring over a set distance to land over a pin]
20 Feb. Wed. This is the day we lose on reaching New Zealand.
21 Feb. Thu. Distance 346 Total 11097 Mod breeze and sea. Wellington 140 Total 11237. I got 2nd prize in sweep.
22 Feb. Fri. Day of landing. Breakfast 6.30. Inspection at 7 o/c Got room at People's Palace in Cuba St. till Monday 2.5
23 Feb. Sat. Went off to see Major Green. He had already sent off for a job for us, but had not got reply. Have to call again on Monday. He says there is plenty of work going.
24 Feb. Sun. Went for a walk in the morning. Climbed up to signal tower in afternoon and walked to end of parade in evening.
25 Feb. Mon. I went round Registry Office got offer of job but did not accept as it was for S. Island.
26 Feb. Tue. Eva and I visited office again. Got offer of job. If we can come to terms will give it a trial.
27 Feb. Wed. Eva and I went round offices did not find anything suitable. Saw the Remuera go off this afternoon.
28 Feb. Thu. Went round offices. Nothing satisfactory on offer. Went for walk with Eva in afternoon. Posted letters to Harri Sis Auntie May(?) and Peggy.
29 Feb. Fri. Tried to get job without pay for 3 months for experience, but did not succeed. Have got an interview for tomorrow 11.30. Eva not very well but took short walk in evening.
1 Mar. Sat. Eva and I went to Star Agency for interview. Were successful and go to Waipawa on Tuesday. Eva Koeford(?) and I went to see regatta in the harbour. Koeford and I went for walk in evening.
2 Mar. Sun. Went for walk with Eva this morning. Afternoon did not go out went for walk in evening.
3 Mar. Mon. Went to see Mrs. Murray Star registry also bank. Spent afternoon packing. Went for walk with Eva in evening met Mr Vincent. We leave tomorrow at 9.10 am.
4 Mar. Tue. Arrived at Gwavas Station at 6.15. Had car run for 16 miles from Waipawa. Eva was rather disappointed and a little downhearted. Place very dirty and untidy.
The Big House - Grawas Station
 The Big House
"Gwavas" in Hawkes Bay was built as a single storey house in 1891 with the top floor added in 1902 (photo) to designs by Charles Natusch for Arthur Spry Gwavas Carlyon. "Gwavas" is an English name perpetuating the area of Cornwall where the Carlyon family came from.
5 Mar. Wed. We were up at 6 am. Both had very hard and busy day clearing up. Eva quite recovered her spirits. We both like Capt. Carlyon, were both very tired at bedtime.
6 Mar. Thu. We were up at 5.30. Spent day cleaning. I cleaned windows until rain stopped me. Went to cookhouse with Capt. Carlyon.
7 Mar. Fri. Did odd jobs helped Eva clean up. Mrs. Carlyon arrived seems quite satisfied with work done.
8 Mar. Sat. Split and carried wood for kitchen more odd jobs. Have not yet done anything in garden. Garden is in very bad state, don't quite know where to start.
9 Mar. Sun. Had fairly easy day. Folks out for lunch. Had all afternoon to ourselves. Took Eva for look round place. She wanted to pick all the apples off all the trees. Eva wrote Mum and Winnie.
10 Mar. Mon. Spent all day cleaning silver. In very bad state. Eva did washing but it rained all day impossible to dry.
11 Mar. Tue. Finished off the silver. Still raining had bad storm. Eva's things still not dry.
12 Mar. Wed. Storm cleared a little, rain stopped but looks threatening. Got veg. from big house. Did wood splitting nearly all day.
13 Mar. Thu. Finished splitting wood. Filled up baskets and got in good stock against wet weather.
14 Mar. Fri. Picked apples all day.
15 Mar. Sat. Dug big hole for rubbish. Got flour and bread from cookhouse. Folks out for dinner.
16 Mar. Sun. Wrote to Sis, Harri and Flo. Eva wrote to Dad and Hilda. Folks out for lunch.
17 Mar. Mon. Spent day wood splitting.
18 Mar. Tue. Folks went to Napier returned at 7 o/c. we had offer to go but declined. Got bread from cookhouse.
19 Mar. Wed. Went to big house for veg. Mrs. C. went to Hastings show.
20 Mar. Thu. Split wood.
21 Mar. Fri. Finished my supply of wood. Did odd jobs.
22 Mar. Sat. Folks out for lunch. Capt. brought back 20 fowls. We killed them by chopping off their heads.
23 Mar. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Had four extra for dinner.
24 Mar. Mon. Eva's washing day inclined to rain as usual.
25 Mar. Tue. Visitors for tea at 3.30. Eva was not feeling very well.
26 Mar. Wed. Very quiet day.
27 Mar. Thu. Eva and I were driven into Napier. Had a very nice day. Did shopping and had nice lunch, not dear. Got back to Gwavas at 6.30.
28 Mar. Fri. [No entry in diary]
29 Mar. Sat. Very wet. Did odd jobs. Did a lot of weeding 'till rain stopped me.
30 Mar. Sun. Still raining. Folks out for lunch and tea.
31 Mar. Mon. Good day was able to put in a deal of work in garden. Turkeys arrived.
1 Apr. Tue. Today Eva was able to finish her weeks washing through it being so fine. Did garden work. First pay day in N.Z. 12. Worked in garden.
2 Apr. Wed. [No entry in diary]
3 Apr. Thu. Capt. brought back some Turkeys. Wet.
4 Apr. Fri. Wet.
5 Apr. Sat. Lots of rain. Did indoor jobs.
6 Apr. Sun. Still wet. Went to Potter's to tea. Wrote Fred Plummer.
7 Apr. Mon. Posted cheque to bank. Very wet cleaned silver.
8 Apr. Tue. Folks for lunch. Did odd jobs. Split wood.
9 Apr. Wed. Split wood enough to fill shed. Receipt arrived from Bk. arrived 6d short. Pigs arrived.
10 Apr. Thu. [No entry in diary]
11 Apr. Fri. Big dinner of B. Anniversary of bosses first year of married life. He seems to like it.
12 Apr. Sat. Picked quinces and walnuts. Odd jobs. Had first ride and promise of more, also Eva is to be taught.
13 Apr. Sun. Wrote to Prudential sent Premium 6.12/-. Eva wrote to her mother.
14 Apr. Mon. Mail to U.K. Did not post as likelihood of strike will stop trains.
15 Apr. Tue. Put in day in garden.
16 Apr. Wed. Mail U.K. Had letter from Florrie. Cleaned windows all morning. Odd jobs.
17 Apr. Thu. Folks out all day. Cleaned up bosses shoes.
18 Apr. Fri. Folks out all day. Spent day fixing up our room looks fine and comfortable.
19 Apr. Sat. Helped boss in garden all morning. Tikokino sports did not go as Eva was not feeling well.
20 Apr. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Helped boss put bed in dressing room.
21 Apr. Mon. Put in good morning in garden. Had several small jobs for afternoon.
22 Apr. Tue. Split wood. Garden
23 Apr. Wed. Very wet day. Miss Goodson (nurse) arrived. Pottered about. Went for veg. also bread. Miss Carlyon started for England.
24 Apr. Thu. Weeded and prepared small garden in front of our room. Had good ride.
25 Apr. Fri. Spent morning in big garden. In afternoon dug up our garden and put in some bulbs. Had ride. Went for bread. Turkey found dead.
26 Apr. Sat. Spent morning in our garden. Cleaned windows. Sorted apples. Turned out wet in evening. Another Turkey missing.
27 Apr. Sun. Very showery day. Collected nuts. Folks out for lunch. Eva wrote to Winnie and Mabel I wrote to Sis and Smith.
28 Apr. Mon. Split wood did odd jobs. Planted flowers in my garden.
29 Apr. Tue. Put in morning in big garden. Put in more plants in mine and finished gravel centre. Had ride in evening.
30 Apr. Wed. Day in garden. Had ride in evening.
1 May. Thu. Capt. went duck shooting bagged 20. Spent morning in garden.
2 May. Fri. Plucked ducks in morning odd jobs in afternoon went big house with Eva after dinner for visit to Ina.
3 May. Sat. Carried wood plucked ducks.
4 May. Sun. Terrible wet windy cold day. Folks out for lunch. Eva and I had baths and wrote letters. I carried on with Smith's letter.
5 May. Mon. Very wet cold day. Eva washed. Saw sheep killed. Five weeks pay due.
6 May. Tue. Went to slaughter house to get beef. Went to big house for veg. Carted wood still wet.
7 May. Wed. Very fine day. Tried milking for first time. Morning in garden. Wood splitting in afternoon. Eva went to dance at Tikokino.
8 May. Thu. Spent whole day wood splitting and carrying. Posted letters to Sis.,Smith, Winnie, Mabel Ashdown.
9 May. Fri. Garden, Watched crutchers.
10 May. Sat. Garden.
11 May. Sun. Had a visit for tea from Mr and Mrs. Williams.
12 May. Mon. At 11.45 last night Capt. and nurse were about expecting results but nothing happened. Did odd jobs and repaired outhouse. Six weeks pay due.
13 May. Tue. Crutching finished today. Split winter supply of wood. New arrival is expected tonight.
14 May. Wed. Did very little except potter round. Baby girl was born to Mrs. Carlyon at 5.30 pm. Both doing well.
15 May. Thu. Put in days gardening
16 May. Fri. Wet.
17 May. Sat. Very heavy rain last 24 hours. Killed 3 chicks.
18 May. Sun. Still wet. Folks in for lunch today for first Sunday since our arrival.
19 May. Mon. Posted letters to Flack, Hilda and Doris. Seven weeks pay due.
20 May. Tue. Split wood. Took station stores down. Very showery day.
21 May. Wed. Went big house in car with Capt. Eva went footballers dance at Tikokino.
22 May. Thu. Had letter from Florrie.
23 May. Fri. Wet. Fumigated. 30 Cinerarias
24 May. Sat. Wet.
25 May. Sun. Wet. Wrote Flo.
26 May. Mon. Eight weeks pay due. Wet and very windy.
27 May. Tue. Wet and very windy.
28 May. Wed. Wet.
29 May. Thu. Cow arrived. Split wood all day. Went to cinema at Tiko with Eva in car from big house. Mrs. C. also went.
30 May. Fri. Tried to milk our cow but could not get any.
31 May. Sat. Got in store of wood. Got on better with cow today. Cowboy says it is not an easy one to milk. Capt. brought more ducks from Waipukarau.
1 Jun. Sun. Wet and windy.
2 Jun. Mon. Nine weeks pay due. Wet and windy.
3 Jun. Tue. Cut down Dalias (Dahlias). Repaired fowl house.
4 Jun. Wed. [No entry in diary]
5 Jun. Thu. New cow arrived. Got on very well milking her. Eva got letter from her mother. Eva wrote Ada.
6 Jun. Fri. Did well with cow. Cleared up Dailia cuttings and path. New wood arrived.
7 Jun. Sat. Carried wood. Stowed away turnips and cleaned out cow shed.
8 Jun. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Spent quiet afternoon. Both had baths.
9 Jun. Mon. Ten weeks pay due.
10 Jun. Tue. Eva had letter from Hilda. Went to Napier with Eva in Capt's car. Capt. paid cheque 25. Bought Eva dance dress and self oily canvas coat and rubber boots.
11 Jun. Wed. Took cream to big house.
12 Jun. Thu. Eva not feeling well. Did not go pictures. Eva had letter from Hilda. Took cream to big house.
13 Jun. Fri. Cleaned up cowshed.
14 Jun. Sat. Split wood all morning. Very cold and windy.
15 Jun. Sun. Wet and windy. Folks lunched out. Eva wrote Hilda.
16 Jun. Mon. Carried wood. Took cream to big house.
17 Jun. Tue. Plucked ducks. I milked by myself "Blackie".
18 Jun. Wed. Folks lunched out. Eva had bath and rewrote Hilda's letter.
19 Jun. Thu. Eva posted letter to Hilda. Did indoor jobs on account of rain.
20 Jun. Fri. Wet and cold. Cleaned silver. Got bread.
21 Jun. Sat. Eva and I went by car with Eina the boy to _____'s(?) "welcome home dance" at Tiko. Only had four dances but felt stiff in legs.
22 Jun. Sun. Folks lunched out. Spent quiet day. Wrote Sis. Eina and boy called in at station.
23 Jun. Mon. [No entry in diary]
24 Jun. Tue. Very wet and windy. Indoor jobs only. Got veg. from big house and bread.
25 Jun. Wed. Letter from Sis and Peggy Pickford
26 Jun. Thu. Mrs. C. went out for evening. We waited up until 11 o/c.
27 Jun. Fri. Fine warm day. Took cream big house got bread.
28 Jun. Sat. Put in good morning wood splitting and carrying.
29 Jun. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Spent quiet day did not write letters.
30 Jun. Mon. Very cold morning but beautiful warm day. Eva broke records by getting all her laundry finished in one day.
1 Jul. Tue. 17th week. 14 pay due. Paid by cheque. Can now milk "Blackie" by myself but "Freda" beats me.
2 Jul. Wed. Did usual routine work.
3 Jul. Thu. Capt. and Mrs. C. went to Palmerston North today. Cleaned windows and cowshed. Eva and I went to big house with cream.
4 Jul. Fri. Went for ride round boundary with Dick Sullivan. Eva had a canter in big paddock in afternoon. Letter from Flo. Posted letters to Flo. Sis. and Winnie.
5 Jul. Sat. Eina and her boy came to see us at 7 o/c. and stayed till past 11 o/c. thought they were going to make a night of it.
6 Jul. Sun. Eva and I went to dinner and tea with Mrs. J. Williams.
7 Jul. Mon. Went for ride round run with Dick in morning. Took cream big house and split wood in afternoon. Stuck photos in album in evening.
8 Jul. Tue. 10 weeks. One week's pay due 3. Dick had dinner with us. Cleaned dining room. Eva had ride in afternoon.
9 Jul. Wed. Eva walked to Tiko with Eina and went to a dance at Onga Onga. Came back by car at 3.15.
10 Jul. Thu. Finished cleaning house. Eva not feeling well rested in chair all day. Rode over to cinema at Tiko with Dick. Beautiful night, thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
11 Jul. Fri. Capt. returned and brought a friend to stay a few days. Mr. Walker hurt by his horse bolting.
12 Jul. Sat. General clean up round about outside.
13 Jul. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Spent afternoon in my garden. Eva wrote to her Mum and Peggy. I drafted a letter for Eva to Mrs. Skilt(?).
14 Jul. Mon. Eva managed to finish her washing went for a walk with Eva after tea, could not cross creek so had to turn back.
15 Jul. Tue. 19th Two weeks pay due. Eva and I went to Waipawa in car from big house. Mr Godfrey left.
16 Jul. Wed. Went to big house after tea. Eva walked to Tiko with Eina. Hasslett tore his finger open on saw rendered first aid. Capt. took him home in car.
17 Jul. Thu. Eva went by car to pictures, I rode with Dick, beautiful night.
18 Jul. Fri. Had five to lunch. Mr. Wilson arrived for a visit. Capt. and Mr. W. dined at big house.
19 Jul. Sat. Eva went to dance in Tiko with Eina in Charlie McKay's Ford car. Capt. and Mr. Wilson went shooting Mr.W. broke his gun and hurt his leg.
20 Jul. Sun. Folks lunched out. Very windy. Wrote Sis, Flo and Eva wrote Mrs. Skilt(?).
21 Jul. Mon. Was surprised to wake up and find 2 inches of snow. It did not last through the day. Eva finished her washing.
22 Jul. Tue. 20 Three weeks pay due. Folks out for lunch.
23 Jul. Wed. Folks out for lunch, Eina, McKay and his sister called to see us in the evening. Got letters from Flo, Winnie, Mabel Ashdon.
24 Jul. Thu. Milk cows myself. Went to pictures in Tiko by car from big house.
25 Jul. Fri. Visitor came for lunch and stayed night. Eva went to dance at Springhill with Eina in McKay's Ford. George sent us two papers from home.
26 Jul. Sat. Capt. went to Palmerston. Mr. Wilson left tipped us 10/-.1 went to Waipawa and saw Tito win football cup.
27 Jul. Sun. Capt. and Mrs. C. returned from Palmerston. Were to have gone for ride but could not make time.
28 Jul. Mon. Capt. and Dick went to Poukawa. Split and carried wood. Eva did all her washing and wrote Winnie.
29 Jul. Tue. 21. Four weeks pay due. Eva and I went to Eva Simmond's 21st. birthday party. got back at 2.45 am. Nurse Campbell arrived.
30 Jul. Wed. Milked both cows as Arthur was on the run. Eva very tired went to bed at 7 o/c. Sat up till 10 o/c.
31 Jul. Thu. Beautiful warm day and light 'till 5.15 o/c. Did usual routine work. Did not go pictures. NOTE DAY
1 Aug. Fri. Eva had letter from home with photographs of Ada, Blanche and Dad. Usual routine work. Got bread.
2 Aug. Sat. Have two hens want to sit, Capt. is getting settings. Eva did a good deal of washing.
3 Aug. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Spent quiet day. Sent films to be printed. Wrote Harri Eva wrote her Mum.
4 Aug. Mon. Mr. Wilson came for evening tea. Eina called to see Eva at 3.30 o/c. Mrs C. has given Eva a day off each week.
5 Aug. Tue. 22 Five weeks pay due. Very wet. Folks went big house for tea. Killed turkey. Received two papers from George.
6 Aug. Wed. Eva took her day off. She walked into Tiko with Eina and went to a dance at Onga. Put down two settings of eggs. Letters from Hilda and Flo. Photo prints arrived.
7 Aug. Thu. Capt. was away all day attending Police court. Had two extra for lunch and then for afternoon tea. Eva went to pictures Tiko.
8 Aug. Fri. Folks had tea out. Eva went to dance at Springhill with Eina in Charlie Mckay car.
9 Aug. Sat. Did usual routine work.
10 Aug. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Both had baths and went to bed at 9 o/c. I had a touch of cold. Decided to leave letter writing until later in week.
11 Aug. Mon. Eva got all her washing and ironing finished cleaned nearly all the windows went big house with cream.
12 Aug. Tue. 23 Six weeks pay due. Eva spent afternoon with Mrs. Williams I went to bring her home at 8 o/c. Beautiful night.
13 Aug. Wed. Two extra for lunch. Wrote letters to Sis, Doris.
14 Aug. Thu. Posted letters to Harri, Sis, Mum and Dod.
15 Aug. Fri. Mr. Buntson arrived from Hong Kong. Folks out for evening tea. Eina came at 8 o/c and stayed 'till 10 o/c.
16 Aug. Sat. Very wet. Eva did part of her weeks washing.
17 Aug. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Eina and Charlie Mckay came for evening tea.
18 Aug. Mon. Eva got all washing and ironing finished. Usual routine work.
19 Aug. Tue. 24 Seven weeks pay due. Bull Quality of Maisymore brought for my cows. Mrs. C. out for lunch.
20 Aug. Wed. Eva and I went to Footballers Ball at Tiko. Very good turn out and enjoyed it.
21 Aug. Thu. Got back from Ball at 3 o/c this morn. Spent day digging up fowl run. Eina called at 7.30 stayed 'till 9 o/c.
22 Aug. Fri. Split and carried wood and went big house. Magpie(?) cow arrived this evening. Hard frost this morning but followed by a hot sunny day.
23 Aug. Sat. Usual routine work. Folks went to Napier to see Football match and stayed the night. We spent the evening at Mr. Sullivan's. Eina did not turn up.
24 Aug. Sun. Folks returned at 12 o/c they went to big house for lunch. Eva wrote her mother.
25 Aug. Mon. Beautiful fine day. Eva finished her washing and ironing.
26 Aug. Tue. 25 Eight weeks pay due. Eva spent afternoon with Mrs. Williams returned at 7.15. Clock was put forward half an hour.
27 Aug. Wed. Chicks were due today but have not yet put in an appearance. Black cow was served by Quality of Maisymore.
28 Aug. Thu. Eva had letter from Mrs. Skilt. Eva wrote too Hilda. Eva one month.
29 Aug. Fri. Very wet did not go for bread. Our brood of 9 chicks arrived. Posted letter to Hilda.
30 Aug. Sat. Very wet. Went for veg. and bread. Beef arrived. Eva did part of the washing.
31 Aug. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Eina and Lissie McKay came down for evening tea. Wrote to Korford.
1 Sep. Mon. Eva did all her washing and ironing before 6 o/c. Folks went big house after even. tea. Packed up Eva's shoes for posting to Napier.
2 Sep. Tue. 26 Nine weeks pay due. Eva did not take her day off. Folks went big house after even tea. Mrs. Williams called this afternoon. Got _____(?) and eggs from big house.
3 Sep. Wed. Eva spent afternoon with Mrs. Williams. Received letter from Smith.
4 Sep. Thu. Received letters from Harri, Hilda and Mum. Went big house with cream got bread sent pay cheque for 14 to bank.
5 Sep. Fri. Folks went big house after even tea. Split wood and staked blue gum trees.
6 Sep. Sat. Eva did part of weeks washing. Got papers from Hilda and Winnie.
7 Sep. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Wrote to Flo. Eva wrote Mum. Eva went bed early not feeling well.
8 Sep. Mon. Very wet and windy. Eva did not begin to wash on account of weather and not feeling well. Cleaned up drive to house.
9 Sep. Tue. 27 Ten weeks pay due. Eva spent evening with Mrs. Williams. I called for her at 7.30. carried her over creek.
10 Sep. Wed. Eva went to Oddfellows Ball at Tiko with Eina in Charlie's car. Brought brood of chicks up to big run.
11 Sep. Thu. Eva and I went for ride by moonlight. Both enjoyed it very much got back at 10 o/c. Staked blue gums. Received photos from Tot.(?)
12 Sep. Fri. Capt. went other station. Have been given Jersey calf to rear.
13 Sep. Sat. Fed calf for first time, quite a success. Got veg. from big house. Found chick injured in run. Jack Williams called. Chick died.
14 Sep. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Had clip with Bull shears. Gorse near bridge caught alight, nearly burnt bridge. Found another chick dead. Eina called this afternoon.
15 Sep. Mon. Eva finished her laundry. Rain afternoon. Scrubbed out dairy and washhouse.
16 Sep. Tue. 28 Eleven weeks pay due. Drew 12 due 21. Eva and I went to Koprokori(?) and on to Hastings in Capt's car. Had a good day and did deal of shopping. Bought new hat.
17 Sep. Wed. Usual routine work, showery. Letter from Winnie.
18 Sep. Thu. Very wet. Three extra for lunch, six extra for noon tea. Cleaned silver. Killed Turkey.
19 Sep. Fri. Letters from Hilda and Sis. also papers from Hilda, Sis and Winnie. Eva's shoes returned.
20 Sep. Sat. Two visitors arrived.
21 Sep. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Wrote Florrie.
22 Sep. Mon. Eva finished her laundry. Visitors left gave Eva 8/-.
23 Sep. Tue. 29 Chick out. 24 due. Staked blue gum tree. Eva went to Mrs. Williams and started her shawl. Cleaned kitchen windows.
24 Sep. Wed. Usual routine work.
25 Sep. Thu. Eva two months. Usual work moved chicks on to lawn.
26 Sep. Fri. Bridge party. Got bread. Cleaned silver.
27 Sep. Sat. Eva did part of her laundry. Came on to rain in the afternoon.
28 Sep. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Boy came for even tea. We spent evening with Sullivans, Beattie was there. Got home at 11.30.
30 Sep. Tue. 30 27 due. Cleaned windows all morning. Went big house for veg. Got bread. Miss Doris Waldegrave arrived.
1 Oct. Wed. Received cheque for 27. Eva spent afternoon at Williams. Enlarged chick run, staked trees.
2 Oct. Thu. Capt. went to Koprokora(?) Found him killed by dog!
3 Oct. Fri. We felt our first earthquake shocks in N.Z. at 9 pm. two shocks. Eva and I went to Potters with cheque.
4 Oct. Sat. Tractor sawed up wood. Usual routine work.
5 Oct. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Boy was here for even tea. Wrote to Harri and Sis. Eva wrote Winnie Very wet all day, Sent cheque to bank.
6 Oct. Mon. Still very wet. Cleaned silver. Eva went to Mrs. Williams creek was up to her hips when she waded through.
7 Oct. Tue. 31 One week due. Found chicken drowned split wood. Brown cow arrived in calf. Usual routine work.
8 Oct. Wed. Folks out for lunch and afternoon tea .. Mowed lawn, did usual jobs.
9 Oct. Thu. First thunderstorm since our arrival in N.Z. Split wood and did usual jobs.
10 Oct. Fri. Mrs. C and sister went Napier. Eva had baby all day, bathed her. Finished mowing lawn. Received receipt for cheque .26.19/3.
11 Oct. Sat. Very wet. Miss Stortt arrived. Spent evening at Sullivans got back at 11.30.
12 Oct. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Eva and I had dinner at Williams returned at 4 o/c. Eva went to bed early, thinks she has a cold coming.
13 Oct. Mon. Eva got all her laundry finished. Capt went to Dannevirke for the sale.
14 Oct. Tue. 32 Two weeks pay due. Eva spent afternoon at Williams. Eva wrote her mother. Capt. returned from Dannevirke. Cow calved.
15 Oct. Wed. Received letters from Sis, Winnie, Flo, and Plummers. Cleaned silver. Visitors for tea.
16 Oct. Thu. Rode in Tiko with Dick to cinema. Eva spent evening with Mrs. Sullivan. Received Daily Telegraph from Sis.
17 Oct. Fri. Brood of turkeys 9 hatched. Put up run for turkeys. Received Wembley program from Tot.
18 Oct. Sat. Eva did part of her laundry in spite of it being dull showery day. Had three extra for lunch.
19 Oct. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Very wet. Wrote Tot. Eva wrote Winnie.
20 Oct. Mon. Very wet. Eva did not wash. Miss Stott left gave Eva 4/-. Milked three cows myself.
21 Oct. Tue. 33 Three weeks pay due. Very showery day. Eva not able to get her clothes dry.
22 Oct. Wed. Folks all went to Hastings show. Prince Charlie took a 1st. Gwavas also got two 2nds, three 3rds. Did several cleaning up jobs in house.
23 Oct. Thu. Eva three months. Folks went to Hastings Show and bought a new car.
24 Oct. Fri. Went big house for veg. also cookhouse for bread. Put straw round strawberries. Split wood.
25 Oct. Sat. Finished strawberry bed. Eva did part of her washing and ironing. Folks out for lunch. Miss Waldegrave departed.
26 Oct. Sun. Folks out for lunch. We had Mr and Mrs Williams and Charlie for dinner and tea.
27 Oct. Mon. Split wood. Put netting over strawberries. Got bread from cookhouse .. Usual routine jobs.
28 Oct. Tue. 34 Four weeks due. Eva spent afternoon with Mrs Williams. Worked in garden all day. Gave Capt. our notice to leave.
29 Oct. Wed. Put in full day in garden. Very hot day. Wrote Star Registry Office.
30 Oct. Thu. Split wood. Cleaned silver. Put in part morning in garden.
31 Oct. Fri. Raining very heavily all day.
1 Nov. Sat. Very heavy rain storm during night and most of today. Several bridges reported damaged. Just muddled round. Eva did some washing.
2 Nov. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Very showery day. Eina and Charlie McKay came for noon tea.
3 Nov. Mon. Capt. and Mrs C. left for Palmerston. Eva got all her washing and ironing finished.
4 Nov. Tue. 35 Five weeks due. Eva spent afternoon with Mrs. Williams. Put in full day in garden.
5 Nov. Wed. Picked strawberries and took them to big house. Eva cycled to Tiko with Eina and slept in Tiko. Made my first lot of butter, quite good.
6 Nov. Thu. Eva came home at 8 o/c this morning. Did all milking today. Boy went to Waipawa. Mowed most of the lawn. Mrs Williams came for tea.
7 Nov. Fri. Capt. returned from Palmerston and brought the bitch with him. Mowed lawn. Picked strawberries. Wrote Sis.
8 Nov. Sat. Eva and I spent evening with Dick and Mrs Sullivan. Eva did usual Sat. work. All her laundry.
9 Nov. Sun. Mrs Carlyon took turkey chicks to big house. Capt. out for lunch. Had evening tea by himself. Eva was in bed all day not feeling well. Eina called in afternoon.
10 Nov. Mon. Eva a good deal better but not quite right. Worked in garden. Eva had not any laundry for today.
11 Nov. Tue. 36 Six weeks due. Mr Herrick arrived for lunch and stay night. Eva quite fit again.
12 Nov. Wed. Mr. Herrick left. Eva spent afternoon with Mrs. Williams. Letters from Mr Smith and Hilda.
13 Nov. Thu. Capt. out for lunch and tea. Cut edgings in garden. Put up more nesting boxes. Two Papers arrived do not know who from.
14 Nov. Fri. Capt. left for Palmerston. Worked in garden and got veg. from big house. Wrote to Tot. Eva wrote Hilda.
15 Nov. Sat. Capt. and Mrs C. returned this afternoon. Eva wrote Winnie. Worked in garden all day.
16 Nov. Sun. Folks out for lunch. Eva and I had lunch with the Williams. In evening we went to the Sullivans.
17 Nov. Mon. Killed my first sheep. Mrs C. tells me she has got fixed up with a couple, so we leave on Wednesday morning.
18 Nov. Tue. 37 Our notice to leave expires. Seven weeks pay due. Capt went to Kaupawa(?). Pack in the morning.
19 Nov. Wed. Left Waipawa by the 10.30 arr. Wellington 5.50 pm. Got good room at P.P. paid 4.8 for week. Eva was tired so went to bed early after getting a bott. of lotion from chemist for her rash.
20 Nov. Thu. Eva four months. This morning we had a walk round town called at Star Registry and got offer of job am going to see man tomorrow. Eva wrote Doris and Mabel. I wrote Sis and Auntie.
21 Nov. Fri. I went out to Porirua and saw Sievers(?) but he had got fixed up a week ago. Returned at 5.48 Eva met me. Eva wrote Peggy I wrote Harri, Korford. Had walk in evening.
22 Nov. Sat. Went round the Registry Offices and put my name down. In afternoon we went over H.M.S. Dunedin. Went to Cinema in evening, saw fire on way back to P.P.
23 Nov. Sun. We climbed up the signal tower this morning. Slept all afternoon and walked along front for 21 hours in evening.
24 Nov. Mon. Went round the Offices, nothing doing. Korford came and had lunch and tea with us. In evening we went for a walk.
25 Nov. Tue. Nothing doing again at the Offices. Eva and I went to the Cinema in the evening.
26 Nov. Wed. Paid for another week at the P.P. 4.4 Nothing doing at the Offices. Put in an advert. We went to hear Band in evening. We saw the G.G. off this morn.
27 Nov. Thu. Did not go round Offices today. Telephoned to Capt. for Gaulter's address this evening.
28 Nov. Fri. Went for walk this morning. Afternoon went round Offices and at Star heard of likely job. Have got to be at Star at 9.30 am tomorrow. Went to cinema in evening.
29 Nov. Sat. Went to Agency but job had been passed to another. Saw likely advert in Evening Post so am writing after it tomorrow. Went for walk in evening.
30 Nov. Sun. Wrote after job in morning. Went for walk to signal tower in afternoon and along sea front in evening.
1 Dec. Mon. Inquired the duties of Booking Clerk at Eastbourne Ferry but don't think job would suit. Went for stroll in evening.
2 Dec. Tue. Went to Bank and drew cheque for 50. Went to see Mr Amos about job at school but not suitable. Mr A. very nice and friendly.
3 Dec. Wed. Nothing doing at Offices again today. Phoned Mr Amos and he offered to give me letters of intro to friends in Taranaki.
4 Dec. Thu. Went and saw Mr Amos got card to chairman of N.Z. Farmers Dairy Ass. Star Reg. gave my card to Manager of sleeping car depart. NZ Railways at 13/4 per day.
5 Dec. Fri. Got job on Railway start Monday. Paid Reg. 4/6. Tried to find room but without success. Went Cinema.
6 Dec. Sat. Very wet this morning. Managed to get one room only at 11 Pipitea St. at 27/6. Went to cinema in evening.
7 Dec. Sun. Went for a walk in morning and met Mr. Vincent. He has had lots of ups and downs. Packed up and arranged for carrier. Went for walk.
8 Dec. Mon. Started work on Railway. Very dirty but it was work and I feel better for it. Returned to new room, Eva was just getting things straight.
9 Dec. Tue. Got more settled in my new job also got a few good wrinkles. Eva has got things ship shape now and we are more comfy. Wrote to Amos in evening.
10 Dec. Wed. Worked all day on viceregal car. Too wet to go for walk so went to bed at 8 o/c did not have good night.
11 Dec. Thu. Worked all day on Ministerial car also got stocks ready for new Limited service. Went for walk round docks in evening.
12 Dec. Fri. Usual routine work also on two of new cars. Bought hat for work use also hand bag.
13 Dec. Sat. Usual work also got ready more stock for new cars. Went for walk in evening.
14 Dec. Sun. Got up at 8 o/c. Wrote to Harri, Sis and Florrie. Capt. Carlyon NZ Provident Ass.(?) Eva wrote Mum, Win. Went for walk along with Mrs.Horridge.
15 Dec. Mon. Usual routine work also had two new coaches to turn out. Felt very tired but had usual short stroll.
16 Dec. Tue. Land lady trying to be awkward will look of _____(?) Had very hard day stocking cars. Am under orders to go up line tomorrow night. Eva wrote Hilda went for walk in evening.
17 Dec. Wed. Had row with Land lady and gave notice. Worked from 8 - 11 and then stood off till 6.30. Went up on 688 to Marton stayed there till 2.30 am and brought back 153. Only had two pass. on home journey. Made 5/6.
18 Dec. Thu. Eva five months. Still raining third day. Had sleep in morning and went for walk in afternoon.
19 Dec. Fri. Still very wet. Worked till 11.30 Go up on 688. 688 was two hrs. Marton at 1 o/c. Got stuck on 153 at Johnsonville and had to come home by lorry.
20 Dec. Sat. Arrived by motor lorrie at Thorndon at 11 o/c reported and went off at 12 o/c. Had a good sleep after dinner and a walk in evening. On my return got word to go up on 688 on Sunday night.
21 Dec. Sun. Got up at 9.30. did not go out all day. Drafted a letter for Eva to Mrs. Skilt and cleaned up all our shoes. Went on duty at 6 o/c.
22 Dec. Mon. Went to Ohakune got there at 2 o/c and came away on 229 at 2.28 got to Thordon at 9.30 and went off duty. Made 35/6 on trip. Had fire in evening did not go for walk.
23 Dec. Tue. Usual work in yard, expect to go up line tomorrow night. Did not go for walk tonight.
24 Dec. Wed. Eva is 23 today have promised her a couple of pairs of silk stockings for her birthday. Have not to go up line and have got Christmas Day off. Went to Cinema. Got letters from Sis, Hilda, Mum.
25 Dec. Thu. Got up at 9 o/c went to Peoples Palace for our dinner, was very good only 2/6. Went for a walk after but stayed in all the evening on account of rain.
26 Dec. Fri. Worked from 8 - 11.30 went up on 688 made 25/-
27 Dec. Sat. Got home at 10.30. Had breakfast went bed till 6 o/c. Had bath and tea. Went for walk in evening to Wadestown.
28 Dec. Sun. Spent lazy day did not go out until evening.
29 Dec. Mon. Worked till 11.30. Went on duty with Vice Regal car at 6 o/c. Served dinner under difficulties car rocked so badly.
30 Dec. Tue. Arrived with Governor General at Auckland at 9.20 am. Did not get tip. Cleared up car and went for a stroll in Auckland. Departed by the 127 at 7.45 got super cabin. [General Sir Charles Fergusson was Governor-General of New Zealand 13 Dec. 1924 - 8 Feb. 1930]
31 Dec. Wed. Arrived Thorndon at 2.30 pm reported and went off duty. Had sleep and went looking for rooms in evening. No success. Received letters from Sis, Harri, Hilda, Mum and Mr Flack.
1 Jan. Thu. Worked all day. Joe Lyons told me HQ were very satisfied with me and would keep me on if I cared to stay. Said I would give it a trial for a year. Went for short walk.
2 Jan. Fri. Put in full days work. Joe told me he has booked me 8/- expenses for Auckland trip. Eva went to St. Helens Home and arranged for a bed. Went after rooms but not suitable.
3 Jan. Sat. Full day in yard. In afternoon was stocktaking.
4 Jan. Sun. Wrote to Harri, Sis, George and about house. Eva wrote Hilda, Mum and Peggy. Went for walk in evening.
5 Jan. Mon. Put in a full days work. Went for walk in evening. Have got beginning of a big cold.
6 Jan. Tue. Worked from 8 - 11. Started again at 6.15 pm. went up on 688. Went house hunting no success. Drew cheque for 5.
7 Jan. Wed. Eva is six months. Left work at 9.30 am. slept till 4 o/c had bath and tea then went house hunting.
8 Jan. Thu. Both got very bad colds. Put in full day. Eva's cold very bad so did not go for our usual walk.
9 Jan. Fri. Eva much better. Very windy so we are not going out. Got paid 8.19.3. Have arranged to have a stone put in my ring.
10 Jan. Sat. Put in full day. Pay clerk told me I had been underpaid. I have still Christmas day or 6 hrs overtime to come.
11 Jan. Sun. Signed on at 6.15 pm. and took up 688.
12 Jan. Mon. Got home at 10.30 am made 15/6. Went for walk in evening.
13 Jan. Tue. Worked from 8 - 11. Went house hunting in afternoon and evening without result.
14 Jan. Wed. Put in full day's work. Felt very tired so did not go for a walk.
15 Jan. Thu. Put in full days work. Did not go for a walk. Eva got a letter from Mrs. Skilt and card from Peggy.
16 Jan. Fri. Worked till 11 o/c. booked on again at 6.15 took up 688.
Robert F. Strong
17 Jan. Sat. Got home at 10 o/c made 14/6 had breakfast and slept till 4 o/c. Went to pictures in evening. Anniversary of our sailing from home.
18 Jan. Sun. Got up at 10 o/c. Wrote to Mr Smith. Did not go out. Went and played cards with Horridges.
19 Jan. Mon. Worked all day. In evening went and saw flat at 8a Aro St. took it and paid 25/- deposit. Have got to go with Vice Regal party to Races tomorrow.
20 Jan. Tue. Went with Vice Regal car to Trentham. They gave me Grand Stand ticket for 3 days, cost 10/-. Went for walk in evening.
21 Jan. Wed. Put in full day in yard. went for walk in evening.
22 Jan. Thu. Went to races with Vice Regal car. Did not have bet. Went for walk in evening.
23 Jan. Fri. Put in full day in yard. Withdrew 100 from Bank went with Eva and bought part of our furniture. Got paid 8.8.6.
24 Jan. Sat. Went with Vice Regal car to races. In evening Horridge and I laid lino and carried furniture upstairs at 88.
25 Jan. Sun. Booked on at 6.15 went up line on 688.
26 Jan. Mon. Arrived Thorndon 9.32. Found Eva waiting with my Mackintosh. Made 19/9 on trip. In afternoon went with Eva and bought more furniture.
27 Jan. Tue. Work from 8 - 11. In afternoon Eva and I bought complete kitchen outfit. Has been very wet all day.
28 Jan. Wed. Full day in yard. Horridge and I went to 88 and put down carpet.
29 Jan. Thu. Full day in yard. Packed and carried doown trunks. Very hot day. Letter from Florrie.
30 Jan. Fri. Moved into 88 Aro St. All furniture arrived. Horridges came in evening. Will be very comfy when settled. 2nd anniversary of our marriage.
31 Jan. Sat. Full day in yard. Did few odd jobs in house.
NOTES.The 31st of January 1925 was the last entry in the diary. Presumably as there were no further spaces for entries, it was the end of Robert Strong's effort at keeping a diary. His 1924 diary had started with the last month of 1923 and finished with the first month of 1925. [See Robert Fergusson Strong and Eva Gladys Stevens and Royal Victorian Medal
Robert and Eva Strong
Eva and Robert Strong

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