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DROVER - 1855

  • "Drover" Brigantine - 174 tons, Captain: Morrison. From Melbourne. Arrived Auckland, New Zealand 9 April 1855. Agent: J. A. Langford. [Source: Southern Cross 10 April 1855]
  • Imports Foreign: Per "Drover" from Melbourne:- 7 bales blankets, 14 casks furniture, 2 tons galvanized iron, 6 bales gunny bags, 6 cases American axes, 6 cases lobsters, 4cases chairs, 20 doz. buckets, 3 trucks, 2 coils manilla rope, 2 cases minnie rifles and other fire arms.
  • Calvert, Samuel, 1828-1913, engraver: "Brig Drover caught in a water spout off Newcastle" Published 1875. Drover
  • Passengers:
  • No.NameNo.NameNo.Name
    1.Mr Tellack 17.Emma Wright33.Thos. Woolford
    2.Mrs Tellack18.Alice Wright34.Mrs Woolford
    3.William Tellack19.John Cary35.Woolford (child)
    4.John Leanes20.Mary Cary36.E. Waterman
    5.Robt. Farewell21.John Wilson37.Mrs Best
    6.Arch. Williams22.Marriott Wilson38.Isaac Himsley
    7.George Vaughan23.James Wilson39.Timothy Sullivan
    8.Susannah Vaughan24.Jane Wilson40.John Marsden
    9.Eliza Vaughan25.Maria Wilson41.Mrs Marsden
    10.George Vaughan26.James Webb42.Marsden (child)
    11.Joseph Green27.John Porter43.George Buyer
    12.Mr Wright28.Mary Porter44.James Ferguson
    13.Maria Wright29.John Porter45.Ann Boyle
    14.Mary Jane Wright30.Edward Killick46.W. Tye
    15.Elizabeth Wright31.Hugh Ferguson47.J. Smith
    16.Frederick Wright32.Arch. McVicor48.J. Watton
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