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  • "Euphemus" - 586 tons, Captain: W. Harwood. Departed Gravesend, London 9th October 1856. Arrived Auckland, New Zealand 12 February 1857. Agents: Brown and Campbell. [Source: Southern Cross 13 February 1857]
  • The Euphemus left Gravesend on the 9th October 1856, and had a fair run down channel. She had no north-east trades, and experienced so much light and variable weather that she did not cross the equator till the 47th day out - the 25th November. Two or three days previously Captain Harwood spoke the ship Sussex bound to Melbourne, 42 days out. On the 19th December she passed within sight of Tristan D'Acunha - the weather at that time being so very fine that no less than 26 sail were all within sight of each other. On the 22nd she crossed the meridian of the Cape. Her run to the eastward was a fair one, the ship having passed within Eddystone rock, on the south coast of Van Diemen's Land, on the 29 January. Thence, a continuance of northerly weather retarded the progress of the ship - making it the 9th inst. (Monday) before sighting the Three Kings. She has had light weather on the coast. The Euphemus brings a large number of passengers, chiefly fore-cabin - in all 114 souls, and in excellent health. Only one death has occurred on the voyage - that of a child named Louisa Hamilton, aged 17 months, which died from natural causes on the 30th December. The voyage, though occupying 126 days, has been a very fine one throughout, which indeed, is the cause of the somewhat lengthy passage she has made.
  • Passengers:
  • No.NameNo.NameNo.Name
    1.Mr Wm. Fairburn39.Frederick Cottle77.Patrick Collins
    2.Mrs J. Fairburn40.Sydney Cottle78.Helen Collins
    3.Mr J. Haines41.Wm. Wickham79.Mary Collins
    4.Mr Thomas Minchin42.Edward Mortimer80.James Dearness
    5.Joseph Flower43.John Mortimer81.Sarah Dearness
    6.Lucy Flower44.George Edwards82.William Dearness
    7.Lyndia Mary Flower45.Isabella Edwards83.Sarah Ann Dearness
    8.Lucy Eliza Flower46.Joseph Kinyon84.Jemima Dearness
    9.Gerald Edward Flower47.John Town85.Alice Wall
    10.Wm. Phillips Flower48.James Town86.John Thomas Wall
    11.Thomas George49.George Corney87.Christina McVicars
    12.Elizabeth George50.Ellen Corney88.Margaret McVicars
    13.Thomas Charles George51.Joah Corney89.Margaret Fleming
    14.Elizabeth George52.Samuel Corney90.William Fleming
    15.Lucy George53.Wm. Hamilton91.Cecilia Watling
    16.Louisa George54.Mary Hamilton92.Catherine Girvino
    17.Frederich George55.James H. Hamilton93.Eliza Girvino
    18.Eleanor Goodenham56.Mary Hamilton94.Martha Gibbons
    19.Octavius Smallfield57.Louisa Hamilton95.Agnes Cairns
    20.John Cory58.Thomas Fitness96.Mary Ann Rae
    21.Wm. Willing59.Elizabeth Fitness97.Mary A. Rae
    22.John Coot60.James Fitness98.Joseph Reilly
    23.James Tebbutt61.Jane Fitness99.William Palmer
    24.Mary Anne Tibbutt62.James Fitness100.Edwin Blencowe
    25.Marianne Tibbutt63.Thomas Fitness101.David Henderson
    26.Alfred Tibbutt64.Mary Jane Fitness102.Dennis Egan
    27.Amelia Tibbutt65.Elizabeth Fitness103.Samuel Barber
    28.Joseph Johnson66.Benjamin Fitness104.George Gerriah
    29.Mary Johnson67.William Fitness105.Lyndia Gerriah
    30.Joseph Johnson68.Richard Rowland106.George Gerriah
    31.Maria Johnson69.Sydney Wells107.Martha Gerriah
    32.Mary Ann Johnson70.Elizabeth Wells108.Charlotte Gerriah
    33.Walter Hayes71.Susan Wells109.Sarah Gerriah
    34.George Thorogood72.Susan Wells110.James Gerriah
    35.James Cottle73.Eliza Ann Wells111.Benjamin Gall
    36.Caroline Cottle74.Charlotte Wells112.Rhoda Barrett
    37.Sarah Cottle75.Mary Ann Wells113.Dr. R. B. Norris [Surgeon]
    38.Jane Cottle76.Sarah Wells114.W. Harwood [Captain]
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