Maryborough Chronicle - Monday, April 20, 1891

Local News

Between 4 and 5 o'clock yesterday morning the fire-bell again aroused the town, and the usual rush of horsemen and pedestrians set in for the scene of the conflagration, which was on the Saltwater Creek Road, where a four-roomed dwelling house with detached kitchen, occupied by Mr. Peter Carter, was completely demolished, From facts gleaned it appears that Mrs. Carter was up about 1 a.m. attending to her husband, who is suffering from a bad eye, and for which occasion she had to light the kitchen fire, the chimney of which is of wood, partly protected by iron inside. Before retiring again the fire had also burned out and the ashes pushed back into the fireplace. Mr. Carter was next aroused by one of his six children falling out of bed, and on going to the bedroom discovered the kitchen enveloped in flames, and had just time to save his children, besides a few pieces of furniture and other articles. It is surmised that the fire originated in the chimney. The house was insured for �90, kitchen �10, and furniture �50 in the New Zealand Insurance Co., but Mr. Carter is a heavy loser. A number of the Fire Brigade were soon on the spot, and the manual arrived some time afterwards, but owing to there being no water supply in the vicinity could not quench the flames, which eventually burnt out. Hardly had the people who were at the above fire returned home when a second alarm pealed forth. The fire this time was discovered in the buggy shed of the stables at the Court House which was extinguished by the aid of a few buckets of water before much damage was done. A large crowd had assembled who viewed the spot, and all appeared to be of the one opinion that the fire was the result of incendiarism or that some tramp had been camping in the stables during the night. Several boxes containing rubbish, &c., were in the shed and had the flames succeeded in obtaining a good hold nothing could have saved the adjoining storehouse of the Telegraph Department.

Research Notes:

1893 Peter Carter not on the electoral roll.
1896 Peter Carter is recorded as labourer - Supplementary Roll, 40 Woodstock Road, Maryborough.
1903 The Postal and Street Directory records Peter Carter at Island Plantation Road.
1903 Peter Carter - Wilson Street - Living with [James] William Carter, also Annie Carter, Margaret Carter and Peter Carter (J. William and Margaret's son?)
1916 Peter & Ann Carter moved to Auckland, New Zealand.
1919 Robert Carter, their son, joined the Newmarket Volunteer Fire Brigade and on 10 August 1924 was awarded the Long Service Medal after serving 5-years as a fireman.
The Daily Southern Cross Newspaper, 11 December 1871