4. Robert Carter

Causes of death and intervals between onset and death:
Cardiac asthma - 2 days
Angina of effort - 2 months
Coronary artery atheroma - 5 years [Medical attendant: E. E. Colbeck]

Photo: Car owned by Robert Carter or his father Peter Carter (1st photo probably taken 1932)
1925'ish Chevrolet

Robert Carter's car - 1946

5. Eva May MacVicar

Causes of death and intervals between onset and death:
Arteriosclerosis - Cerebral - Years
Arthritis - Multiple - Years [Medical Attendant: S. C. Colbeck]

Lived at 50 Princes Street, Onehunga and later at 28 Orakau Avenue, Epsom.

6. Robert Fergusson Strong

Causes of Death and Intervals between onset and death:
Myocardial failure Months
Ischaemic Heart Disease Years
Cerebral vascular accident 9 Months [Medical Attendant: D. W. C. Dove]

Lived at 1 Mt Eden Road, Auckland 3
Interred at Waikumete Cemetery in the W.H.Tongue & Son, [shared] plot.

Military Service: Seaforth Highlanders Regt. No. S/2373 Robert Strong.
Awarded: 1914-15 Star; War Medal; Victory Medal [1914]; Royal Victorian Medal [1927]
Military records distroyed by Bombing 1940

7. Eva Gladys Stevens

Emigrated to New Zealand with spouse, Robert Ferguson Strong in 1924, disembarking 'RMS Remuera' at Wellington
24 Grandchildren, 50 Great-Grandchildren.