The War Office - 19 April 1849

THE Pensioners to whom this notice is issued must be prepared to leave their homes within ten days of the receipt thereof, in order to proceed to the port of embarkation, according to such instructions as they may receive from the Staff Officer of their District.
They will be allowed to bring with them working tools or the implements of their trades, if not too bulky, and several sets of tools will be put on board from the Ordinance Stores, for temporary use of' the Mechanic's, who will proceed with the first detachment, in case they are not already provided with them.
No household furniture beds, bedsteads, or any bulky article of that description, is to he brought from home, as the expense of carriage would, in most cases, exceed their value; but arrangements have been made by which, on the arrival of the Pensioners at the place of embarkation, they will be supplied with bedsteads, mattresses, bolsters, blankets, etc, also cooking pots, knives, forks, spoons, metal plates, drinking cups, tea pots, etc, if required; all of which are to be retained by them on landing, and paid for by a stoppage out of their pension.
They are recommended to bring with them all kinds of clothing, particularly shirting, stocking, and flannels; also blankets, counterpanes, and sheets, if nearly new, but they must distinctly understand that nothing of this description can be received at the Embarkation Depot, unless it has been recently washed, is perfectly clean, and in good repair; and with a view to prevent their bringing useless or dirty articles along with them, their baggage will be examined by the Officer before they leave the District,
Those who are insufficiently provided with clothing, are recommended not to expend their money in purchasing any beyond what is absolutely necessary for present use, as arrangements have been made by which they and their wives and children may be supplied from a Government Store in London, at an exceedingly low price, which will be deducted by instalments out of their pensions.
Pensioners are also recommended to bring any knives, forks, and spoons, pewter or wooden dishes, and metal teapots or drinking jugs which they may already possess; but they should make no purchases of this description until they reach the port of embarkation. No glass, crockery, or other article liable to breakage can be admitted as part of their baggage.
Any boxes which are brought must be in good repair, newly painted, and not exceeding 2 feet long by 20 inches wide, and 18 inches high.
Those who have not sufficient to fill a box, are recommended to bring their effects in a strong canvas bag, similar to what is used for their regimental clothing, but of larger size, which will afterwards be useful on board for holding dirty linen; and any Pensioner having a box should also be provided with a bag of this kind to contain the Clothing for immediate use, as all boxes must be kept in the hold.
Those candidates who also belong to the Enrolled Force must, before leaving the District, give over the local Company Clothing for the use of their successors; but on arrival at the Embarkation Depot they will be supplied with a new suit of uniform ant equipments, belonging .to the New Zealand Force.
The 2 allowed for enrolment money will be issued on their arrival at the place of embarkation, and expended in purchasing clothing and outfit for the voyage for themselves and families, unless they bring a sufficient supply for the purpose.
The wives or children of Pensioners who are able to knit, sew, or exercise any useful employment which can be carried on during the voyage, should bring with them the necessary implements for this purpose; and supplies of linen, cotton and worsted will be put on board to furnish occupation for them, Those who have been accustomed to earn their livelihood by washing may bring smoothing irons, and a small washing tub, in which case a part of their effects may be packed therein, and secured by a canvas cover.
As every precaution has been taken to prevent the Pensioner having to spend money, for himself or his family before he leaves his District, no advance beyond a month's pension can be issued on that occasion; and this being for the express purpose of provisioning his wife and family on the way to the port of embarkation, he is strictly prohibited from applying it to the payment of debts, or any other purpose and where the Officer has any apprehension on this point, he will not make the issue till they are leaving the Station, and, if necessary, place it in charge of the Non-Commissioned Officer who accompanies the party.
Every Pensioner must distinctly understand that any act of drunkenness or gross misconduct on his part prior to embarkation, will be punished by his being struck off the Embarkation List, in which case all the expenses incurred by the public in bringing him and his family from their residence will be deducted from his pension.
Any similar act of misconduct on the part of his wife, or any member of his family, will also lead to their being left behind, as it is not the intention of Her Majesty's Government to extend the advantages of the present arrangements to any who show themselves unworthy of it.