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  • Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, 1850, describes the vessel as a barque built in Sunderland, 1845, owners D. Dunbar, belonging to the Port of London.

  • "Ramillies" - 750 tons, under the command of Captain McLean (1st Detachment, Major William Henry Kenny, 73rd Regiment) sailed from Tilbury Port 14 April 1847, arrived at Auckland 5 August 1847. A voyage of 111 days according to "White Wings", page 117, aboard were 80 Fencibles, 56 woman and 120 children. Dr. Cunningham, R.N., was the surgeon and Lieut. Colonel Bolton, R.E. also came to New Zealand on the "Ramillies". According to the report published in the N.Z. Herald on the occasion of the Jubilee in 1897, there were 67 men, 55 woman and 103 children on board at arrival ["The Royal NZ Fencibles: A Complete Index" S. E. Kendall (1987). Also: Southern Cross, 7 August 1847, p 2]. See also: [Notice to Pensioners Selected for Enrolment in the NZ Force] and [The Arrival of the Fencibles].
  • Nominal List of the First Detachment of New Zealand enrolled Pensioners which emberked on the 14th April 1847, under Command of Captain Kenny, Staff Officer, on board the ship "RAMILLIES". Arrived (Auckland) 5 August 1847 [Jno. Gray, Major Commanding New Zealand Pensioners, Tilbury Fort. Dated 23rd April, 1847]:
  • No.RegimentNamePensionFamilyDistrict
    1.42nd FootHamilton Gillespie1/-Wife and 1 childEdinburgh
    2.26th Battln. ArtilleryAlexander Walker7dWife and 1 childEdinburgh
    3.53rd FootJoseph Windsor8dWife and 1 childEdinburgh
    4.40th FootPatrick Kelly1/10Wife and 4 childrenLimerick
    5.59th FootDennis Bowes9dWife onlyLimerick
    6.98th FootMichael Kelly9dWife and 2 childrenLimerick
    7.21st FootJeremiah Sullivan1/-Wife and 4 childrenLimerick
    8.86th FootThomas Pegum9dWife and 1 childLimerick
    9.Newfoundland VeteranJohn Irvine10dWife and 1 childLimerick
    10.95th FootJohn Capron9dNo wife, 2 childrenBristol
    11.81st FootThomas Gapper6dWife onlyBristol
    12.87th FootThomas Beer6dWife onlyExter
    13.40th FootFrancis Northwood1/-No wife, 1 childNorthhampton
    14.9th FootWilliam Barr 16dWife and 3 childrenSouthhampton
    15.31st FootJohn McGhee 11/4Wife onlyBelfast
    16.52nd FootMichael Rafferty6dWife and 2 childrenBelfast
    17.61st FootJohn Dickie1/-Wife and 2 childrenBelfast
    18.18th FootJohn McPike6dWife and 2 childrenBelfast
    19.2nd FootThomas McSheery6dWife and 1 childEnniskillen
    20.50th FootWilliam McCutcheon11dWife and 2 childrenEnniskillen
    21.58th FootPeter Burns6dWife and 1 childEnniskillen
    22.22nd FootJohn Alexander10dWife onlyEnniskillen
    23.57th FootJames Mooney1/-Wife and 1 childEnniskillen
    24.57th FootAdam Nixon 16dWife and 8 childrenGavan
    25.MarinesPatrick Purcell15/4/-No familyDublin
    26.54th FootAcheson Price1/-Wife and 2 childrenEnniskillen
    27.72nd FootAlexander McCombie8dNo familyAberdeen
    28.60th FootJames Kearns9dWife and 3 childrenManchester
    29.55th FootCharles (Jefferson) Beswick 11/-Wife and 2 childrenManchester
    30.11th FootHenry Lavery 11/2Wife onlyBelfast
    31.Sapper and MinerGeorge Addison1/2No familyBelfast
    32.42nd FootAlexander Sutherland1/1Wife and 2 childrenDublin
    33.27th FootGeorge Hill7dNo familyDublin
    34.16th FootEdward Gunning11dWife and 1 childDublin
    35.60th FootWilliam Irwin1/-Wife and 1 childDublin
    36.Newfoundland VeteranJames Davis1/-Wife and 5 childrenWorcester
    37.MarinesJohn Mander15/4/-Wife and 4 childrenWorcester
    38.94th FootRobert Grant1/-Wife onlyDublin
    39.46th FootPeter Healey6dWife and 4 childrenDublin
    40.31st FootThomas Odlum1/-No familyDublin
    41.Newfoundland VeteranJessie Piper1/4Wife and 2 childrenJersey
    42.53rd FootCharles Durbridge1/10Wife and 4 childrenSheffield
    43.53rd FootEdward Palmer1/-Wife onlyLeicester
    44.4th DragoonsWilliam Turner6dNo familyGloucester
    45.5th Battln, ArtilleryWilliam Owen1/-Wife onlyWoolwich
    46.MarinesWilliam John Booth12/2/-Wife and 5 childrenLondon
    47.99th FootMartin Purcell1/-Wife and 2 childrenChatham
    48.MarinesRichard Day9/4/-Wife and 1 childLondon
    49.4th FootCharles Moore1/3Wife and 5 childrenChatham
    50.MarinesTimothy Hyde15/4/-No familyLondon
    51.57th FootJohn Arnold6dWife and 2 childrenChatham
    52.22nd FootJohn Douglas1/-Wife and 1 childChatham
    53.2nd FootWilliam Cossey6dWife and 2 childrenLondon
    54.2nd FootJohn Bates 111dWife and 1 childLondon
    55.MarinesWilliam Boyt15/16/-Wife and 7 childrenWales
    56.MarinesWilliam Reece 113.12/-Wife and 3 childrenWales
    57.61st FootBarney Tymon9dWife and 1 childLondon
    58.Royal ArtilleryWilliam McReynolds1/-Wife and 3 childrenLondon
    59.19th FootRichard Friend7dWife onlyCanterbury
    60.MarinesWilliam Filmer24/-/-Wife and 6 childrenCanterbury
    61.MarinesJoseph Whiting25/-/-Wife onlyChatham
    62.2nd FootStephen McGuirness1/-Wife and 4 childrenChatham
    63.58th FootWilliam Butler1/-Wife and 2 childrenChatham
    64.Royal ArtilleryJohn Beeching6dNo familyChatham
    65.84th FootJohn Kerr6dWife and 2 childrenChatham
    66.13th FootEdward Hudgins1/-No familyChatham
    67.13th FootJ. O'Brien1/-Wife and 1 childChatham
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